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Great Eastern Flyin


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I have heard on the grapevine that The Great Eastern Flyin that is normally held at Evans Head over the New Year holiday will be held at Kempsey this year.


Anyone have any news on this?



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I haven't heard anything, but would be great if it does! its within easy driving distance from Syd, and a great place to fly, i know, i go up there, well to Hat Head, regularly, not to mention there is a private airstrip at South west rocks.....



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Guest Juliette Lima

Hi Paul,


I spoke withthe ownertwo weeksback about stopping in on a flight up to Lismore from Cessnock. Rex has just gone away for a few weeks overseas.He is an elderly gentleman who still does a little flying however mainly shares the strip between his cows and a doctor from Kempsy who fliesinto asurgery at SW Rocks once each week. There are a couple of private ultralight pilots (one thruster I think) who fly some Saturdays.


His sons and daughter are not aviators.







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