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Canberra to Merimbula


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Thanks Chris, nothing better than whipping across to the coast and down to Merimbula for the day and makes for some great photo opportunities. We see whales pretty regularly on the tripdown there, these are the best photos we've been able to get...Karen (my wife and navigator) is actually the photographer though, so I won't claim credit for her shots...







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Guest palexxxx
This is what appears to be someone's private strip just south of Narooma...nice spot!

I know this place. I have passed it by road. My cousin for some reason thinks that it's some sort of CIA base. It's always kept locked and there is an American flag flying on the property.


I don't know.





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I imagine there would be some big storms rolling in there on that property right on the coast...beautiful spot though;) My favourite shots are the one you took of the tail :big_grin: and the one with the wing tip and the whale....AWESOME!!

The tail shotwould look great as a poster..


Ian, the sky space could be used as a text area for a headline or story in THE magazine..




Ben Longden



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Guest David C

Great pictures Matt . Thanks for sharing them with us . That CIA base , its full of Stealth Fighters , can't you see them !!! .





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Guest Fred Bear

Ha ha good one Dave!006_laugh.gif.0f7b82c13a0ec29502c5fb56c616f069.gif Matt, brilliant shots. I reackon the whale on the wingtip is one of the best shots I have ever seen on this forum! Congrats to Karen for that one:) When are you coming to The Oaks next with that beautiful machine (the SportStar)??? I will be there on Saturday (weather permitting). Have not flown in aaaaaaaaaaages!068_angry.gif.cc43c1d4bb0cee77bfbafb87fd434239.gif



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