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BOM TAF Survey


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Hi all, apologies if this is old news but I couldn't find any references to it.


I just went onto the Bureau of Meteorology site to check the weekend weather and noticed they have a survey running 'Review into the Provision of Aerodrome Forecasts (TAF)'.


Not sure how long it's been there, my bookmarks normally bypass this page.


Aviation Weather Services


Closing date is 21st August.





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I think it is only new I had a quick look a couple of days ago but haven't been back yet


probably a good spot to push for plain English forecasts ( as well as the current if you must)


So lets all make an effort.





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You might like to look at Login to PEMET - use <S899> as login and <8/08/05> as password. Those are my login/pass for MetFlight (the Kiwi NAIPS equivalent) It's NZ TAFs/METARs/ARFORs but it might be a good template to start from.


I did it as a "learn PHP" project. CAA (our CASA) and MetService (our BOM) sort of don't want to know about it :-)





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