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I Give Up

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Guest Walter Buschor

Can some one point me in the right direction.


I have looked for the information on an approved engine and what makes it approved but I am unable to find a list of engines.


I have read CAR101.55 but that does not disqualify any engine.


with thanks




Hi Peter ,


what do you mean by an approved engine ? is it one that is correct for the type of aircraft or do you mean a Certified engine?


As I understand it it has been the case - until now - that RAA aicraft flying into controlled airspace had to have a certified engine. This may no longer be the case with the changing of rules.


A Certified engine is - in my opinion - the same as a uncertified engine exept for the higher pricetag. what "certified" actually means in practical terms I don't know other than only a certified person can perform maintenance on it in order for the engine to remain "certified".


the difference for a Rotax 912 that is certified compaired with a 912 that isn't is thousand's of dollars.


any comments anyone?


the grey Nomad



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Guest brentc

I've always thought from previous discussions - 4 Stroke, twin ignition. I wouldn't have thought it would have to be an 'aviation' engine as there are Subaru powered GA aircraft operating into and out of Moorabbin etc with no restriction. Remember though that approved and certified are different and a certified engine is not required these days, but rather just an approved one.


Surely the RA-Aus technical manager would know the answer to this!



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The CAR states an "approved" engine, not certified...as Peter has indicated, finding out exactly which engines are "approved" is a challenge. The requirements to operate in controlled airspace in an RA-Aus registered aircraft have been discussed recently in another thread.



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The CAR states an "approved" engine, not certified..

I take that to mean, approved by CASA,if so,shouldn`t they have guidelines to define an approved engine.





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Guest ozzie

An approved engine probably would mean one that has some sort of compliance for airworthiness or a TSO or whatever they call it these days i would assume that the rotax 912s version is one of these.



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Guest ozzie

Ok just had a quick look throgh the CASA site


Civil Aviation Safety Authority - 1998 CASRs - CASR Part 33 - Airworthiness standards for aircraft engines


try looking at this. CAR 33 is based in part or whole on the USA FAR 33


an approved engine is one that has compliance of certifcation to the applicable FAR's i suppose.


i think that you will find that there may be no actual list with CASA for approved engines. you may have to look at each engine indivdually and see if it has a certificate of compliance or such. even then the engine may not be approved by CASA for certain applications like flight over built up areas or entry into controlled airspace. 2 strokes and auto engines for instance even if they are certified may not be approved. weeee are we giiddy yet.


Good luck in your pursuit of your PHD in 'CASA gobbily gook'


just had a thought if you are a member of EAA they have people who can answer this sort of thing but then you may still have to dance to the CASA 18 /4 bar beat



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Yesterday I was in discussion with a CFI at MBN who stated that in order to enter controlled airspace with an "approved" rather than a "certified" engine that one needed to phone in and request permission first. He also said that in his experience permission was always granted.


This was complete news to me.


Presuming that he has been making these phone calls and ATC have not been telling him that the call was un necessary then ATC must be of this opinion as well.


Does any one know if the RVAC's Sportstars have certified engines? Or if all Sportstars have certified engines?


curiouser & curiouser





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To get VH rego, they would need to get a C of A which would need to be a certified engine with the associated supporting paperwork. In respect to experimental aircraft, each individual aircraft receives its C of A with conditions which are deemed neccessary by the issuer....read they usually say something like "thou shall not unless....":ne_nau:



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