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G'day everyone,i'm new to the forums as you can see :) I'm just starting to get into trikes and was wondering if anyone out there uses the garmin legend or vista c models for there aircraft ??? ...I was just hoping to get a small universal gps that I could use for the car and trike without breaking the bank .....



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Welcome aboard Brett! Unfortunately I can't help with the Garmin legend or other small GPS units but I am sure there are others here who can advise - just wanted to say hope you enjoy your stay here at the forums



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GPS Units and trikes


Good Day Brett


I hail from North of Durban South Africa, as a part time vocation I write aviation equipment articles for our SA magazines. at present I am doing a "road test" on a Lowrance 600c aviation GPS.


I have been fortunate enough to have used and tested many different devices and can offer some sensible advice. The question you ask is very common.


First thing and I am sure your instructor will advise much the same, Are you learning to use a GPS or learning to fly ??


My experience with new students is they go buy nice expensive kit, then spend more time learning the GPS than the flying "bit".


Maybe go buy a basic etrex first, inexpensive, get to know how to use it, which is very simple in layout, terminology, and so on. Then get your licence and buy something with a switchable database- Aviation-Roads-Marine. You will then have the experience to make the right choice yourself.


I have a etrex vista and use it for all functions, I find its layout very small and somewhat difficult to read in daylight whilst trike flying. Maybe look at the 96 series. I prefer Black and White screens for bright daylight. remember should you run the ettrex off the plane it requires 3 volts...


Good Luck with your licence.







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