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Loaing map onto gps?? please help


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Hi Guys:help:


I am fairly new to this but have tried my best to get things to work with no results.


I have bought a new Garmin GPS, i also purchased a licenced copy of Oziexplorer and a few maps. Ozi and the maps work fine on the pc i can add waypoints routes ect send them to gps and vice versa, no problem.


But my question is... how do i get the actual map onto the gps? i always just get the default map on the gps and not the one which i was viewing on oziexplorer.


Sorry if this is a dumb question :hittinghead:


Thanks AJ



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Probably. What's the Garmin model - so I can look it up.


If probably came with software which doesn't support the map formats Ozi uses.


Yet you said you can send waypoints and routes from the PC to the GPS, so I'm confused.


The model and the name of the software would help. Also, is it a dedicated aircraft unit, a dedicated car unit, or something else?



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That's why I want to know the model.


Some of them (road units) run Windows CE, but it's hidden and locked to their software on top.


The answer is very likely to be that though. You don't have OziExplorerCE loaded, and can't because you don't have Windows CE running or accessible.



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Its a oregon 300 garmin. Mainly used for tracks, marine, outdoors ect.


the oziexplorer version that im using is the latest one and it does support the garmin oregon 300.


The thing i wanna know is do i have to select something saying tranfer map, or do i copy some sort of map file onto the garmin memory card...i just dont know?


thanks for helping out



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OK. Looking at the manual here, the unit only supports Garmin Mapsource maps.


There's a list of maps you can buy here.


Once you have bought and loaded a Mapsource map, you select them from the menu.


Tools -> Settings -> Map -> Map Info


OziExplorer cannot export maps to a Garmin device.


It appears you can get the Garmin to output GPS info via PVT to another device running OziExplorerCE.


Your waypoints and routes work because you export the NMEA data to the Garmin.







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ah no way... that sucks , bought oziexplorer for nothing then $130.....


its just weird that ozi cant load maps as they say garmin oregon is supported...


So you recon the only software i can use is mapsource?



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I found where it says they are supported, but that is referring to waypoints and routes only - you've already found that works.


It also supports connecting the GPS to your PC and letting Ozi use the GPS - but you will need to take the PC with you.


Go another $150 - $250 and buy a 4.3" up to 7" GPS from eBay. It won't be a waste then, and you'll have a better GPS for flying.



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Maps for Garmin handhelds


G'day AJ,


All is not lost, almost anything can be done but it usually involves a lot of difficult, technical work. Google is your Friend :thumb_up:


I have a similar Garmin handheld, the eTrex Vista HCx, which does all that I want. It got me to Narromine and back, no problems. The first thing I did was abandon the supplied maps and downloaded the ShonkyMaps (Shonkymaps by Shonkylogic) to my PC which can then be uploaded to the GPS via MapSource that Slarti mentioned. Don't be put off by the name, the level of detail in his maps is amazing compared to the standard Garmin maps.


Then grab a copy of G7toWin (G7ToWin) to manage your waypoints and tracks.


Apparently it's possible to scan your maps to a TIFF file and then use OziExplorer to georeference the data (assign Lat/Long to a few points) so you might get some use out of it afterall. It's a lot of work, one of these days I'll have a go at it. You might even be able to convert the OziExplorer map files onto a format that the Garmin can accept, Google for "moagu", it might do the trick.


Hope that helps,





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Good stuff Tony.


The Moagu page mentions another utility you'll need for the Oregon - BMaP2MP. Using them it looks like it might be possible.


I have calibrated maps using Ozi, but find it better to buy them from Maptrax - although it's not too hard. I think AJ said he had some maps already.


As Tony said - there's always more than one way to skin a Cheetah (didn't you Tony?).



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Just a quic thing:


Mapsource is pretty good. If you want detail, buy the Australia TOPO 2 map.


Hells bells is it good.


not only does it have roads/rail/etc etc etc, but it is a topographical map too!


If you JUST bought the map, go back to the shop and explain to them the problem/error.


If they are half descent people they should understand and use the money towards a mapsource compatible map.



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Yes i did buy a map (VTC map) from maptraxx and i bought the oziexplore on there site which they send you a user key and so on.


So is there any way of getting that map onto my gps, mabye changing the format of it ect?



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