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Boonah Airfeild


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Gday Guys,


A while ago someone asked if their was a scenery add on for Boonah airfeild. At the time there wasn't, but now there is. And it is amazing





























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boonah etc


going back through the old posts and saw this thread


Anthony has now also developed Roadvale (the airstrip i lease from a farmer who used to fly a Jab from there, 6nm north of Boonah)


it is a work of art, as is his recent payware release of the Tecnam P2002







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Guest PC Aviator

Hey boleropilot... I'm always looking for good writers for Computer Pilot magazine. Send me your details.


And yes the Boonah airport add-on is tops! Have you seen the new Moruya OZx field? Amazing, and free!



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Ant's Drifter for FSX


hiya guys


spent some time with Anthony on Sunday, another flight in the Drifter around Roadvale for some more sound recordings


the Drifter will be payware but as you would expect, Ant will offer a Lot for the outlay - you should see the level of detail he is putting in, it is outstanding (the air filters are a work of art)


having said that there will be a freebie, i'll let details of that wait for release, as a little surprise for ya's


another surprise will be the work Ant's doing on a certain GPS, some amazing stuff there too


cheers for now, shouldn't be too long before you are all zipping around the skies in a Drifter





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YBOA and h2o


yeh Heon it is a bit bumpy in places - maybe they should try the old reinforcing steel mesh (aka concrete slab reinforcing stuff) that i have heard so much about


apparently you tow a sheet of this stuff behind a 4WD and it does wonders, keeps the grass down but also smooths out the surface nicely - gonna try that at Roadvale soon i hope


btw, i heard a rumour that the blokes in charge of Moogerah Dam are a bit silly about aircraft landing there "without the proper permit" - surely an amphibian can land on a stretch of h2o without some dill :csm: racing up in his boat and demanding to see 'your paperwork" ???


cheers for now, let me know when you're gonna be in the area, would love to see ya drop in at Roadvale International





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Yes he did get a bit stroppy. Tried to tell me he was waving me down and I took off. Would not beleave us when we said we did not see him. Slowly dawned on him that we had probably not seen him when he finally listened to us saying..."do you REARLY think we would have landed again if we had seen you the first time?


Did not know at the time that no amphibian is allowed on any water controlled by SE Qld Water. Not evident on their website. Took it up with them but they as understanding and prepared to hear reasion as the KKK was to former slaves in the American deep south 50 years ago.


Where the hell is Roadvale International?



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damn nazis etc


oh hey, didn't realise it was you who was the culprit m8


i just heard the story from some local Boonah guys (fishermen) who reckon the nazis on the dam are over the top, never any warnings, always a fine, not too friendly and basically a pain in the A


Roadvale is a lil strip i lease from a farmer, he used to fly a Jab out of there


it's abt 6nm north of Boonah, type in Roadvale Qld for Google Earth and the township will come up centre screen, the field is just to the west - GE co-ords are:


27 55 10 43S - 152 40 42 08 E


if you're into flight simulation (FSX) you can download it from the Ant's Airplanes website







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