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70hp engine

Guest ozzie

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Guest Maj Millard

Ah, those bloody italians and their spagetti !....OK what I am seeing here is a completely new little boxer engine of 70hp, with direct fuel inj, 2 plugs, CDI and a remote mounted super charger, plus it's fairly small and light.......BRAVO !!!!


and.....an aftermarket direct injection kit to replace the carbs on a 912 without major mods, which would have to result in a smoother engine and maybe more power......BRAVO !!!!!


Great find Ozzie.



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I like the idea of downloading the engine data and sending it off to the manfacturer for trend monitoring. also the two year warranty looks good. 600hr tbo is average tho. but then that could increase as the engine ages and more enter service. good fuel consumption is important these days as is the use of low octane fuel. 18 amp from the alternator will power anything you need in todays gadget filled parrots. dry sumps may be of help a bit if you are CG critical and help in a tight cowl.


an engine worth keeing an eye on.



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I believe the HKS 700Turbo develops 80hp with the same capacity, and also has electronic fuel injection. Also I think about the same weight. Could be more expensive tho'



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