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Hi Airangel its got me beat to it was announced early last month could belive it so I rang RAAus and it was confirmed.Maybe there will be something aboat it in the Nov Raa magazine.



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Are you talking about this proposal? has it now been knocked on the head?










[ • An amendment that will permit aeroplanes in the non LSA categories RA-Aus






(3 axis aeroplanes, weight shift) HGFA (weight shift aeroplanes) capable of






being registered under these CAOs to be registered up to the same weights






as LSA [600 kg (650 kg if equipped to alight on water)] providing that number






does not exceed the designed MTOW for that aeroplane.







o The practical effect of this change would be to allow the legacy small






GA aeroplanes already flying under RA-Aus such as Aeroncas and






Piper Cubs and some amateur built aeroplanes that are presently






restricted to 544 kg be flown at their designed MTOWs or 600kg






whichever is lower.







o RA-Aus had sought and CASA had issued a Discussion Paper (DP)






about an increase up to a maximum of approximately 760 kg MTOW.






However, it has been confirmed that the proposal will not be accepted






and the alternative policy (600 kg) has been chosen ]








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This is the heading (below) of that above draft signed by Andrew Ward and dated the 17 Sep.










This heading coupled with the wording "amendments" And "the alternative policy (600 kg) has been chosen" I read as it was going through, but would take time to get through the Attorney General’s department .














[ Revision of Policy for Project OS 08/13 - Early implementation of certain






proposed CASR Part 103 standards via CAO






To alleviate delays associated with the drafting queue at the Attorney General’s




OLDP, CASA was requested to bring forward the policy privileges contained within




the current drafting instructions for CASR Part 103 by amending CAOs 95.4, 95.8,





95.10, 95.12, 95.12.1, 95.32, 95.54 and 95.55. ]



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I am surprised that there hasnt been more discussion as to why we are not going to get the much awaited 600kg mtow.........?:confused:

I thought 600kg was in ,well soon anyway, just not 750 kgs. 10000 feet (or above 5000 ft)is also going to be in soon isnt it ?
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Hi Retiredracer


Yea, that's the one. When I rang up and Steve Bell said that it was gone, I told my flying friends, they didn't believe me so a couple of them rang up and got the same answer. Bit of a bummer when you own a kit built J230 or J170 or plan to build one. The factory built ones are actually LSA and can run at 600 kg.





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Bummer!!! I would use a little stronger word than that KOZMIK.


I've had the RV9a I'm building, on a Jenny Craig diet to get it down to 600kg. Now it is going to have to learn to eat like a Mouse and sh!t like an Elephant, to get down to 544kg. i_dunno



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