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KIWI power points and voltage.

flying dog

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Please don't shoot me. I would prefere to ask now than get there and have stuffed something up.


I am shortly off to NZ. Digital camera in hand.


Alas how fast I take piccies, the one charge won't last. I need to take the charger.


But can it plug into the power points in NZ and is their voltage near ours in Oz?


Yeah, I should know, but it has been YEARS since I have been there.


Anyone mind telling me? (As nicely as possible) ;)



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Well, I land at Auckland. Drive to Hamilton and shall be flying from there. I am RAA only.


But what I may try to do is - if the instructor doesn't mind - rent the plane and he can come with me.


Don't know how far it is from Hamilton to Rotorua - Rotorua is controlled, so I can't enter that: Drats. But if ....


I think I'd better stop there and see what he says.



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I am guessing now from memory the flight from Ham to Rotorua is maybe approx 40 minutes so you could do a fly over the area or take a scenic flight off the lake when in Rotorua.


Great views from there down to the ski fields of Tongariro Ruapehu too. Just stunning scenery.


Sounds like fun but maybe one way around it is to call it an extra long tif?



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Guest Pioneer200

FLYING DOG .... In NZ we are allowed to fly microlights in to control zones so as long as your pilot(instructor) is up with it and you have a transponder it should be no problem going to Rotorua especially if you file a flight plan, what plane will you be flying??


Are you heading down to the South Island?????



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Pioneer, alas no. I am only there from Friday to Monday.


I know that is a short time, but there are other reasons for my going. Like flying on an A380 X-)


Rotorua and Hamilton are on the list only because Auckland for 4 days may not be too exciting.


Hamilton has the flying and depending on how things happen, I shall get over to Rotorua either flying or driving.


As to which plane, well I think it is a Tecnam....


So: 3 days and I am outa here. The getting up at 03:30 friday morning may be a bit of a killer, but I am sure I can handle it.



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Check out Te Kowhai very on the north western outskirts of Hamilton. It is a base for microlights and home to the bantam. Fly Te Kowhai - Te Kowhai Airfield


Hamilton is controlled and a very busy training venue.


There are lots of great places to fly to from tekowhai (hamilton) raglan on the coast the coromandel peninsula has many airstrips and sights



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Ok, appologies. It is *JUST* NW of Hamilton.


There is an ultralight place there and I have already been in touch with them.


All I need is the doctor's cert', my licence, and log book.


Te Kowhai


Yes, that is where I am going.





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. So I guess NZ has some dispensation for RAA at controlled aerodromes.

Microlights in NZ are aircraft (more or less) like any other, there is no restriction on using controlled airspace or aerodromes provided the aircraft is suitably equipped and the pilot suitably trained.


No flight over congested areas and day-vfr-only are basically the only flight restrictions microlights have over normal GA.



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Guest Pioneer200

Hi , the main difference between the NZ PPL and the NZ Microlight Licences are.


1. No flying microlights over built up areas, eg cities , towns etc ( this does restrict landings at certain airports in NZ but very few)


2. Microlight must be MTOW 544kg or below( probably same as your RAA rules


3. Max 2 seats(thats obvious)


4. Flight in daylight hours only( no night ratings)


There are probably more but can't think of any major ones at the moment.


We are allowed retractable gear and I believe we do not have any speed restrictions on our microlights(except their own VNE).


We are allowed into controlled airpace WITH A TRANSPONDER(as with all busy airports we can also be refused entry to land etc)


We can do all this on an Advanced Microlight Certificate,006_laugh.gif.0f7b82c13a0ec29502c5fb56c616f069.gif 45 hours flying.(mine was at between $90 and $100 an hour so pretty cheap fun!)


We have no extra ratings for controlled airspace as such, gaining an Advanced Certificate covers this.


I would be interested to know what rates do you pay to train and hire RAA aircraft over there.



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Guest Pioneer200

Hi David


I think all that is required is to become a member of either sport aviation corp www.sportflying.co.nz or the recreational aircraft association www.raanz.org.nz .


These 2 groups are the governing groups for Microlight flying in NZ


I presume they then give you your Microlight Certificate.(maybe you just fly on your ppl?)


Then all thats required is to get a type rating in the microlight that you wish to fly!!


Oh and I presume you may have to sit the law exam so you are up to play on the few different rules with microlights,, hope this helps:cool:024_cool.gif.7a88a3168ebd868f5549631161e2b369.gif



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Pioneer, one further question. If you hold a NZ PPL are you required to obtain a NZ RAA license if you want to fly RAA and if so what is required to do so?David

Pioneer has covered almost everything.


I'm going from memory here, but I think that actually if you have a PPL you are OK to fly a micro (with the limitations of the micro). But you still need a type endorsement. That said, most people wind up at micro because they don't want (to keep) a PPL so they will switch to a micro certificate anyway.


If you have a GA Commercial Piliot Licence you can use a microlight for commercial purposes (for "Joy Rides" and "Sight Seeing"). That is the ONLY permitted commercial use of microlights at this stage however.


Congested/built up is just that usual hand-wavey defined term for "don't fly over where lots of people are", generally towns and larger. Supposedly this restriction doesn't apply if you are taking off or landing, but I don't think I'd like to test that interpretation against the CAA (although certainly some do use airports like this occasionally and I havn't heard of them being "done").



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