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Graphics on aircraft


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G'day All,


My Thruster is getting close to being flyable and I'm giving it a new colour scheme with a yellow pod, black interior and the existing red wings. I'm investigating the possibility of applying 2 graphics either side of the pod in the style of caricaturised ladies as often seen in photos of WW11 bombers. What I want to know is if you know of any photo editing/altering software I can use to alter (warp) a scanned photo to give a recumbent lady from a photo of the lady standing?


Any help here would be appreciated.





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Guest Maj Millard

Should be able to take a photo or whatever to a decal/sign person these day and they will do it. It is all computerized these days.



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Guest drizzt1978

Hey there, You would be amazed at what happens these days, For example I design jewellery in CAD and people can make changes so they can see how there ring looks before they purchase it.


Go into Google.


Click on images.


type in plane pin up girl. (try variations of that, like world war 2 bomber pin up etc etc)


Then find a compant that makes custom decals, (google that)


Email said company and go from there.


Post a photo of the plane when its done so we can ohh and ahh.


If you want help Pm me !



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