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The New HGFA

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Hi all,


Just received the first HGFA newsletter since the new crowd moved in:


In this issue







Apparently nobody sent any microlight news to the ed so bad luck chaps.


It's already looking like it is as we where warned, the new administration doesn't think they need to provide for trike pilots thumb_down


Regards Bill



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I hesitate to read to much into it at this early stage as the HG, PG & Nano news is all about comps and gatherings, for which there have been none affiliated with HGFA, AFAIK.


What I would like to see is whether the HGFA affiliated annual trike gatherings held at Wangaratta / Benalla continue to exclude RAA trikes for reasons put by the HGFA. Maybe the new (old) GM will address that.



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Has anyone got any idea how many trikes are flying in australia between RA and the HGFA and what do think the pro's and con's of having a single association for which all trikes would be registerd?032_juggle.gif.8567b0317161503e804f8a74227fc1dc.gif





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