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Crows Nest Forced landing...


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A top effort by the pilot here. Anyone who has flown in a yak will know that they fall out of the sky pretty damn quick with no noise up front!


I helped push this a/c back into the hanger a few weeks ago and was shocked by the news. It's great to see that the pilot and pax are ok. :thumb_up:



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I drove through the area yesterday, close by where he set the Yak down. My thoughts were on what it would look like from the air. Lots of tiger country there. Hills and forest. From 2500' AGL he would not have had much time to select his paddock. Also, when the noise stops unexpectedly, there is a credibility gap before the trained responses kick in. He did very well indeed.





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Guest Cloudsuck
I would like to know what happened, because those russian radials are very, very reliable.

The only thing that stops them completely is 'Too much air in the carby'.



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