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Hi everyone,


I'm 14 and will be starting grade 10 in Central Queensland next year. I love flying nd I want to become a commercial pilot. I hate it when you tell people that and they laugh at you. It's what I'm going to do and just because I'm a girl won't stop me! I haven't yet been flying in a small plane or started learning to fly but I have just started seriously looking into it, so i anyone has any ideas, preferably schools or lessons in Rockhampton please let me know. It would be great :) as I really have no idea how to get into it.





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G'day Fosie,


It is great that you have something to aim for. I had no idea when I was 14! There are lots of female pilots and students these days so you are in good company.


There is some training material at Welcome to Recreational Aviation Australia (w3c 11/09) half way down the page on the left so you can do some study without having to spend anything right now. It also gives you an idea of the things you will be studying although you can probably skip the "Builders guide to safe aircraft materials" section!


At some point you might want to do a Trial Instruction Flight (TIF). This can be booked at a flight school and you get to do a lot of the flying yourself, with an instructor of course :-).


Hopefully someone here can recommend a school to visit!





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Hi Fosie


Its great to hear from someone who knows what they want. Don't worry about anyone else, If you want to fly, you can, and getting on here is a good first step. There are plenty of pilots here who will be happy to take you for a fly. I'm in Tassie and might not be up that way for a while but someone here will get you in the air.


The cheapest way to get started is to get a Recreational Aviation Certificate (a licence) from a flying school that cam also issue a issue a Private Pilot's Licence. These are the first steps to becoming a commercial pilot. and you dont have to wait you can start training right nowYou can have your Certificate and go flying as Pilot in Command when you are 15.


Your nearset flying school is Wowan Ph 0418 198016, its looks like about a 150 km drive inland (the instructor might be able to fly to Rocky to you) or there are a couple of schools at Bundy 4155 1433 and 4155 3355. Have a talk to them and see which one you like.


Feel free to PM me if you want to know anything else.


Cheers, Qwerty


PS. contact a member here called MAZDA, she is a comercial pilot and will be able to give you a womans perspective on flying, not that I expect there is any differance.



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Hi Fosie!


I think it's awesome that you already know what you want to do in life!


I first started flying when i was 15. I got photo's of me in my profile on here!


In the begining what I did first was speak to my careers advisor at school and they contacted the local flying training schools in the area and made a deal and organized one day a week after school for a few hours each week to study the theory component of becomming a pilot. The course is called BAK (basic aeronautical knowledge). Since the school organized it, I got it a bit cheaper and it was classed as an extra subject!


So maybe speak to your careers counsellor at school after the holidays and they might be able to give you a head start as they did with me.



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Hello Fosie,


Nice to hear from you, and I'm glad you made it here, a great way to start a Career in aviation - and by that I mean getting to know 'other' aviation people.


Don't let being a girl worry you, and don't worry if people laugh at you... they'll go on doing that for a long time... it's a way of making 'them' feel better!


Doing a TIF (trial instructional flight) would be a very worth while thing to do sometime soon, (Christmas present?!). That way you'll be able to know if it really 'is' what you like, and it will also help a lot in deciphering what is what when reading theory books about it.


Hope you have a great Christmas!



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OK guys, some of you live in Fosie's area. Let's get this young lady into the air. Who's up for it?


Go for it Fosie and ignore the comments by your classmates. They'll be so jealous when you can fly before they can drive.



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Hey There. I'm sort of in the same position as you (I'm a guy though keen.gif.9802fd8e381488e125cd8e26767cabb8.gif).


I joined here a little while ago, and the forum members are great here. so don't be scared to ask and questions they are happy to ask all your questions. I'm also 14 and going into Year 9 in 2010, I decided I wanted to be a pilot after flying from Melbourne to Queensland.. I did a lot of research on the net how to get a license and so. So I finally decided this year for one of my Christmas presents to be a TIF at the local aero club, I organised a gift voucher to use over the six week holidays, so soon I'll have flown a aircraft and clocked my first 30 minutes in my logbook, haha (every little bit counts :D). I'd also like to make my way to commercial and then become an instructor to help kids-adults get there pilots license :D. Oh, and if you are wondering about what students pilots go through when making their way to getting there license and whats install for your when you have some (well many) flight lessons, check out a Students Pilot Blog. There are heaps around I enjoy ready A Need For Airspeed (which is a female going through to get her pilots certificate, correct me if I'm wrong Darky :P) and mine that will be finally done and ready by the end of my holidays or once I have taken to the skies, doing my TIF. Mine is Student Flight which isn't fully finished yet (what do you think of the theme, hmm?) .


Anyway, good luck in the future. and cant wait to hear about your times in the sky.





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Hi Fosie.


There's no reason you can't be a commercial pilot! I work for a charter company in Perth, and we have many female FOs, and even a few female Captains. Most of them are on their way up in the world, so I don't doubt they'll be captaining 747s in a few years.


It's a long hard slog, though, and expensive. Qantas used to do a cadetship years ago, but I don't know about now. I do know that Rex have just built their own pilot training school, but I don't know if they start from scratch or you have to get your PPL first.


Either way, if its what you want to do, do it. It's better to do a job you enjoy than hating the daily commute. I'm looking to get my pilot license one day, I once wanted to be a commercial pilot and did some research before I saw the light and became an engineer haha!


Good luck with your studies!



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A Need For Airspeed[/url] (which is a female going through to get her pilots certificate, correct me if I'm wrong Darky :P)

Correct you about what Jack? That I'm female or I'm getting my pilots certificate? Both are true :big_grin:


Fosie, I think it is absolutely FANTASTIC that you want to fly, there just aren't enough gal pilots out there I reckon! I haven't been flying that long, but in the time I have I haven't heard any negative comments about being female, in fact, people seem to think it's doubly awesome that I'm flying 006_laugh.gif.0f7b82c13a0ec29502c5fb56c616f069.gif And if your friends are anything like mine, they'll be lining up to go for a fly (all mine seem rather annoyed that I'm not licenced yet!)


I recommend that you check out the website for the Australian Womens Pilot Association (AWPA), they offer some scholarships to help people afford to learn to fly and there may well be one that you are eligable for.


If you want to talk about anything, feel free to PM me. I'm not planning on being a commercial pilot, so I can't help with that, but I am in the middle of my training now so I might be able to help with something at least! :)



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Guest Walter Buschor

Great Idea!!


All I can say is go for it!!. You'll do it !! and you deserve it!!. There will be some who'll try to talk you out of it but don't listen and go for it 'cause you'll get there.


happy flying





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