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The joy of old age and SKI mentality


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Back in the 60's I trained in a chipmunk and solo'ed in a victa airtourer (not lawnmower). But being 18 , I ran out of money quickly (well I was 18 and took up the more expensive hobby of women). Just retired and wandered down to Tooradin airport a few weeks ago and saw a Jabiru parked on the taxi way. After talking to the people down there it seems that these is this think called "Receational flying". Well I've now done 6 hours of training and enjoying every minute of it. Its a great way to SKI (spend the kids inheritance). 006_laugh.gif.0f7b82c13a0ec29502c5fb56c616f069.gif



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Yeah .I am a taildragger man. Until you get on the ground any aeroplane doesn't know it is a taildragger. You have a point, a tailwheel aeroplane is different, but only after landing and during the take-off roll. There are very few taildraggers out there these days, they are certainly in the minority, but to fly a very precise circuit, a Jabiru will separate the men from the boys. You have to "milk the mouse" to get it right. Nev



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Guest rocketdriver
I trained in a Victa Airtourer as well Victa 115 .... the "high power" versionDavid

I once flew one of the ex RAAF ones ... really crisp especially in roll and lotsa POWER from the 6 cyliders up front. It was at a fly in lunchtime picnic at an old airstrip next to a derelict "posh" house in the hills behind Albury ... very interesting approach as I remember onto a one way uphill strip .. Can't remember the owner's name, but thank you who-ever you are for one of my great flying memories ......



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