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Hi all, great to be apart of what looks like a great site with many people who share my passion. I have just purchased a second hand trike and am looking forward to beginning a great hobby.


I look forward to further chats.


Regards Jon K.:thumb_up:



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Hi there,


I started some microlight training back in about 1998 and only got around 10hrs under my belt when my work had me going away too much so i cut it away. When I met my wife some years later I explained to her the importance of me being able to one day get back into this hobby which is one of my life long dreams.


Well still with a wife, three young kids and living in Sydney here I am looking at re-starting the journey I began many years ago. I have purchased a 1995 Edge Ex 582, it has 250 AFHRS but no wing. At the moment I am finishing off a modified box trailer so I can transport the aircraft to a club/person/mentor so they can have a good look over the aircraft, possibly inspect it/ re-register and get me trained up.


I was looking at going to a school up near Port Macquare (near Kew) as i believe this school would allow me to stay up there and consolidate my training in week training (staying near by) rather than weekend which can somtimes be not so effective. But I have had no joy in getting in contact (maybe closed down?). My other option is Albion Park as this is where i did my original training and i will be moving back to the South coast in 2011.


At this stage I am very excited but at the same time quite concerned about, have i done the right thing with buying this aircraft.


Anyway thats my situation, if you have any suggestions or ideas please let me know.


Cheers Jon K.



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I'm sure all your concerns will disappear once you get out and start flying again.:thumb_up: If you're in Sydney maybe you could try The Oaks. Give Dave a Call at Dave's Flying School he is very helpful and could probably be the mentor/ instructor you're looking for. I can find his number if you need it.



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You could try talking to Criso at Airborne Upper Hunter. He operated out of Maitland 7 Days a week - weather permitting. - not far from the Nth end of the F3


Look in the clubs/schools - NSW section on this site for his contact details.


He is also a forum member. :thumb_up:



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Yeah thanks for your help - I will give them a call to see what is my best option, with the position I am in at the moment. It isn't a good time of the year to be trying to sort 'my' life out!


Anyway thanks again - I enjoyed the photos of the Maitland area.



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