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Hi from Craig


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Hi my name is craig


Been a lurker for sometime but have final decided to offically join. Started flying lessons just 18 months ago when at the age of 48 my family pulled together and purchased the first lesson yipee...011_clap.gif.c796ec930025ef6b94efb6b089d30b16.gif Totally hooked....Currently at 40hr mark with a couple xcountry lessons to go for full RAA, money and time permitting..


Now the ownership bug has bitten something chronic, what a mine field of choices. The long and the short of it for me is Money.......so I'll build one .Hmmm which one ..Let me see...I like steel , 100kt cruise , Vw engine( yeah I KNOW your all cringing) 2place ,trailerable etc etc...... so the dots line up for Sonerai11 stretch


Bought a set of sonerai plans 6mths ago, have the jig table made and anxiously awaiting arrival of the chromoly for frame Any advice hints or something I might use on the build feel free to contact me.. Regards craig


p.s great site , thank you !



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Guest Walter Buschor



good to hear from you. ( WONDER IF YOU LIKE moto GOZZI'S ).


Great to see that you're progressing through the steps for a open license. It is a great deal of fun a well as a lot of satisfaction. It appears that you have pretty well made up your mind in regards of plane / engine choice. It is not my place to comment on this and I suggest just go for it ! , and good to hear from you.


keep having fun and stay safe





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