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Hello All


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Hello all,


I had come across this forums in the RA-Aus Magazine and as I am interested in gaining my recreational license I thought it would be good to "Land" here.


My name is Ryan and I live in the outback of South Australia. At the start of the new year I will be 16 years of age and the (very) frightning prospect called "My Future" is approaching. I am not 100% sure on what I plan to do, but I have decided on either Aeornautical Engineering or a Commercial Pilot. Either Way I plan to get my recreational license.


Thanks for reading,





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Hey Ryan! It's great we are starting to collect some younger enthusiasts, great stuff! :thumb_up:


I'm 18, and got my cert at 17 (story in the Dec RAA Mag), so go for it mate, it is a very rewarding sport. Has its challenges but thats what makes for an interesting life.


You'll love the flying...! Engineering is good fun too... I'm a Mech Engineer for things with wheels, but am interested in going into aircraft in the near future as well.


Take care,



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Welcome Ryan,


If you have any form of aviation interest running through your bloodstream, you've certainly landed at the right place,


Don't for one moment think you are too young. There are quite a few young-uns here that would love to chat to you and give any guidence you feel you might need, so go go for it, you are in good company.







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098_welcome.gif.81ff07d492568199326e4f64f78d7bc6.gif Ryan,


Go for the rec lisence its great fun and opens up the world of flying.


I got mine (finally) last year after waiting a few years and its awesome!!


The forum is good to when you are not sure, have a question or just want to know something.


Keep us up to date with your training and have fun :thumb_up:


Fly Safe





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  • 2 weeks later...

Thanks for all the advice.


Sorry for the late reply, my laptop died and it's just out warranty.


I have researched a flight school in Pt. Pirie where you can go in for a fortnight and come back with your recreational license (i can't remember the name of the place currently), if anyone knows of the place I'm talking about and has been there would you recconmend going/staying away from there (it'll be awhile before I go there due to money).


A question, is there any ongoing fees or "you must do x amount of hours of flight per year" to keep the rec. license?


Thank you for any help you can give me.


P.S. I remember reading Tomo's article in the RA-Aus Magazine which is how I got this website.



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Are you thinking of doing aeronautical engineering at that Adelaide college?


Has a good reputation from what I have heard and the money in this industry aint half bad.


Re x amount of hours per year once you have a license its pretty much based on doing 3 take offs and landing within 90 days to keep current. Naturally if you dont have a license and have been "away" for a few months a CFI would likely check you out and sort out any bugs that may have crept in before sending you off solo again.


Learning to fly in ultralights is the cheapest way.


Keep saving that dosh!



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Hi Ryan, and welcome.


And apart from that, all I can add is - don't be afraid of the unknown!


Regards, Decca:welcome:.


Hope your laptop is behaving itself now.



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