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where do i get this scenery?


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Ultralights, the scenery in this screen shot has been the subject of many wishing to know its origin and one person in another forum thought that it was possibly USA Mega Scenery which is payware and expensive.


It is available from http://www.pcaviator.com/shop/viewCategory.php?s=0&c=18


In the wide bay area in QLD and Cairns scenery is there a "Readme.txt" file that explains how to install it?


With Flight Sim 2004 the scenery generally goes in the:


"C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Flight Simulator 9\Addon Scenery\"


folder like this picture.




After you place it in the folder you start Flight Sim 2004 and go to the "settings" (below left on opening screen menu) then "Scenery Library" button. You then add the scenery to the Scenery Library as shown in this picture.




Then make sure you close Flight Sim right down and restart it.


The scenery should then be installed. A note though - sometimes scenery can react differently with other scenery causing problems so you may have to alter the order in the scenery library by moving scenery up or down to get them all to work with each other. Mesh is always at the bottom of the list followed by landclass next up.


Hope this helps (Flight Sim - it's not a game, it's a disease)







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some scenery doesnt work for me' date=' even tho i used the above steps, others do tho[/quote'] - Which scenery are you having problems with Stuart and I will see what I can figure out to help - I am considering expanding this area when I finish doing a revamp of the forum which if time permits will be soon.

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Guest Guest

I got some scenery from a website for free, put it in the right file, and when i played the game, it was not there



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