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hi need guidence

Guest ferret

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Guest ferret

hi everyone, my name is adrian, i am from hillside victoria. i am 26 years old. i drive b-boubles for k&s freighters on night shift.;) why is this good you say well.... i am a victoriam model aircraft flight instructor for fixed wing powered and helicopter models. i can fly durning the day 018_hug.gif.8f44196246785568c4ba31412287795a.gif ...


i started to fly ultralights (jabiru) with rudi in ballarat some years ago but unfortunately stoped due to a combination of work commitments and personal reasons. now i am able to start again and need some advise on where to go for flight instruction. i have been doing the rounds of a few flight schools and seem to be inundated with people with sticks up there clackers. i fully understand that these people have earnt respect in what they have acheived but dont like to be treated like an idiot 051_crying.gif.fe5d15edcc60afab3cc76b2638e7acf3.gif , thats what i liked about rudi, he treated me like i was worth somthing :star: . i did go for a trial flight with another school but the instructor was very arogant.068_angry.gif.cc43c1d4bb0cee77bfbafb87fd434239.gif


now enough of the bitching as i realy dont like to bitch about people but i need advise on where i should go for flight training/instruction. i realy want to get my un recreational licence and cross country endorsement.


i also have another drama 025_blush.gif.9304aaf8465a2b6ab5171f41c5565775.gif i will be in the market for an ultralight within the next 12 months or so :big_grin: and was keen on the x air standard but have been bitten by another bug..... rotorway helicopters. becides a "little" 049_sad.gif.af5e5c0993af131d9c5bfe880fbbc2a0.gif price difference and a different licence required but need dont know what to do...... i would like anyone to give any advise they can wether it be good or bad so i can make an informed decision.....


now off to check out this great looking forum...



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Hi ferret - welcome to the forums.


Boy that brings back memories, I use to be an owner driver towing a company trailer of a DAF 3600 back in the days when 360hp was the big banger. I use to do 3 Melb - Bris - Melb trips a week quick hitching another trailer in Melb on the Sat night to start the week again - did over 550,000kms in 2 years. The DAF was pure luxury with a 17 speed full syncro ZF box, air seat, 1,000 litre fuel tanks, computerised dash telling me when to change gears and fuel readouts, twin bunks, TV, fridge etc. I gave it all up when I was in Bris and the company I towed for told me to get back to Melb as fast as possible as they had an urgent load - I was 40 tonne and the trip was 1,770kms and I did it in 17hrs and that included a stop for fuel, shower, meal etc. I averaged over 100 kilometres per hour fully loaded. When I got in they said I took too long - I told them to stick it and sold the truck.


Oops, sorry for digressing there! Can you PM me what flying schools you have tried and I may be able to recommend a better one for you seeing I am from and started my training in Melb.


Also, try reading the Training page here on the site and the Clubs/Schools pages - let me know how you get on and please if you have any questions just ask away - everyone is here to help



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G'day Ferret.


For what it's worth, I undertook a similar set of evaluations to you.


The issues for me were:


Helicopter is good to land right at my place but they are relatively slow on cruise and have a restricted range, both of which are important in my case. I looked at the Rotorway kits, but if I was going to go for a chopper I would investigate the Helicycle as it is cheaper & has a turbine .... but only one seat. Have a look at their website & the videos there.


If you decide on fixed wing, consider where you want to go over the next few years and look at cruise speeds and range .... and most of all available $. That should just about point you at 2 or 3 aircraft types from which to choose.


If I was looking at an Xair I'd consider the flapped version if I were you.


Hope this helps a little .... but toys and passion are such personal things.


In the end get what lights your fire and don't listen to the nay sayers. One of the great things about this end of aviation is that there are blokes flying with aircraft at the lower cost or slower speed end of the range who have bigger smiles on their faces than some of the blokes with the fancy stuff. It just takes them a bit longer to get where they want to go, but given that flying and the journey is most of the fun ..... they are doing more of the fun bit.


Regards Geoff



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Guest ferret

hi everyone thanks for the words of wisdom. i recieved an e mail from ian asking about the clubs i visited and i also recieved one from shifty06 asking similar questions so what i will do is ansewr them all here.... no not wanting to step on toes i will be polite.


i went to ballarat aero school where jabiru S3260 "rudi's old training aircraft" is based. i asked the usual questions and recieved the ansews i was looking for. the problem is ballarat is 1 1/2 + hours away for me 088_censored.gif.2b71e8da9d295ba8f94b998d0f2420b4.gif . i then went for a drive to sunbury aero school and was not happy with the attitude of a couple of people there 049_sad.gif.af5e5c0993af131d9c5bfe880fbbc2a0.gif . i rolled up, introduced myself and how much training i had done and asked for someone to explain to me where we could go from here, i was basicly ignored. i went back about 2 week later and was finaly given a T.I.F and flew the gazzelle.... we that idea went out the window :pig: .i was not happy with the aircraft and the instructor was not somebody who i could see myself getting along with. i am shure he was a GA instructor also.


so thats where i am at.


Geoff, i have read your build thread front to back and your jab is looking great. this is somthing i could see myself doing. especialy the stretch jab as i could pack the r/c heli into the back and go flying ;) but i am unshure of my building ability and my lack of tools. to spend $100,000 + dollars and stuff it up or get stuck realy worries me (ok the sanding and painting really worries me as i am hopeless at it)..... but i love the idea of building my aircraft as i know what i am flying and will have pride in my flying and aircraft presentation.


kirsty my fiance has talked me out of the heilo idea so fixed wing is the go. another question i would like to know of which was not clarified to me by the people at sunbury was the (ball park) cost of my un resticted raa licence including cross country. i have just on 7 hours up and was due to sit my pre solo before i had to give it away. any ideas on how much i should set aside ?


also whats the go with the flap x air ? why do you recommend it ? now i am setting my sights on a jabiru. stretch... it looks the part and has a better cruise than the x air.....


anyway will be back to read more ansewrs shortly. untill then i will check out the training page





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Hi ferret


Where abouts in melb are you?


There is another school at Point Cook - His name is Nick and goes by the name of Oasis - there is a listing for them on the Clubs/Schools pages.


There is also Tyabb (the CFI there is Sandy - top guy) and Tooradin if you are the other side of melb.


I started at Point Cook and then later went to Shepparton which was a 1.5hr drive for me but I spent a week at a time there staying in the caravan park right opposite the air strip - I found that helped my style of learning better and I had the time and money to do it.


I'm not sure but does anyone know if Lethbridge do training?


Hope that helps!



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Guest ferret

:;)6: i am in hillside. which is near caroline springs which is near deer park :;)6:


i will look into the airpark at point cook which is about 1/2 hour from here


anyway have to go to work now but will check back here tomorrow.



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Guest AusDarren



I have trained at Point Cook and found the two instructors there (Kris & Karmel to be pretty good. one thing to watch though is that their rates are not linear. (ie .1 is not 10% of the hourly rate).


Ballarat is well worth considering, their is a briefing on this Sunday afternoon :-) there are 3 operators at Ballarat I think.


I didn't go to Sunbury because I wanted to use a Jabiru.


The rates at Ballarat are generally better.


I have also flown at Tooradin, it took an hour and a half each way to get to the Airport (From Taylors Lakes). They have the New J160 as well as the LSA55 Jabirus online.


Royal Vic at Moorabin has two VH registered Sportstars online.


Are you looking to buy outright, or interested in a syndicate?







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Guest pelorus32

Hi Ferret,


I did the same look around at schools as you did recently...I ended up at Shepparton...for similar reasons to you.


The downside is that it's 2 hours from Melbourne. The upside is that the weather is great up there - very often when it's not flyable in Melbourne it is up there. They do both RA and GA and they are pretty committed to both. They have good attitudes and good instructors. They train RA on 2 Tecnams - one brand new and one about 6 months old.


Disclaimer - no personal connection or gain to be had by me - just a happy customer.


Call them and have a chat - you'll find them on the RAA website.


Let us know what you decide.







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Hi Ferret


Lethbridge well have a full time CFI at the end of this month (JAN) his name is Bruce who is or was also a truck driver. The aircraft used for training are a jub and a Gazzal for info. Contact Gary Buam on 0429354717 or 52817495.the airfield is on the Midland Hwy



Lethbridge is just under an hour from hoppers crossing there is about 40 aircraft hangered on site; they have a BBQ every Sat. good friendly bunch.



Albert Cassar




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thanks for the info. i will be looking at all of the mentioned clubs to see what suits.


thanks once again and i will keep you all informed of the progress.



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