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Another Triker for Tasmania


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Hi everybody; I am just dropping in. Have been learning to fly weightshift over past 8 months while travelling around Aus. with wife Jennifer in our motor home. Started Broome, Exmouth, Ssrathalbyn and now Yarawonga. Finally am licenced and working on Navs. and Passenger endorsements. Have 2000 Airborne Edge 582 Streak Wing.


We will be back in Tassie early February. We live in Devonport and are keen to find hangar space nearby. We have been told that the Devonport Aerodrome is very diffilcult to negotiate with for either hanger space or allowing the building of any new hangars though they do advertise that they have 40 hectares of Light Industrial Land.


Is there anybody who can rent hangar space to me within 50 or so km of Devonport ?


Cheers from Rocket ( John Castledine )



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Hi Rod,098_welcome.gif.81ff07d492568199326e4f64f78d7bc6.gif


I trust Peter will get you through your Nav and Pax endorsements the sooenst you'er able.


Hope you're having a great time at Yarrawonga. I helped lift your wing off the top of your motorhome there a couple of weeks back.


There's another triker on this forum who's at or near Stanley, not that far from Devonport (I think). Maybe you already know each other.







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Hi, John (rocket), and welcome to the forum. You have two triker mates here in Burnie, both with identical rocket power as yours. For those that are not familiar with Tassie, we can see your city from our airstrip at Cuprona. We regularly fly over that way, and have all your contact details, so no doubt we can get together for a fly, and to discuss all things of interest. It's great to share the experience.


Regards, Terry.



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Thanks everybody and especially Gary and Terry for your welcome support.


I am settling in so well now. I have secured hangar space and airstrip at "The Vale" and today enjoyed my second flight in Tas. to Tarleton and return, acending to 5000'; beautiful views and perfect conditions.


Cheers from Rocket



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Hi, Rocket.


I should of kept my eye on the ball. You did say that you had hoped to take to the sky on Monday morning. It would have been in my interests to study the weather prior to this morning, and fly up the coast to your strip to join you. Sadly this can't be done when one is still in bed. As it turned out, the conditions were ok down our way. Will have to stay sharp and sieze the next opportunity. Regards, Terry.



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