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Aircraft covers fuselage/wing

dazza 38

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Covers & temporary hangars


We had covers made for our RANS to protect the fabric etc from dust, light, etc. They were made by Punkin Head. They are separate pieces with plastic eyelet tabs sewn into the hems so that they can be held taut with bungie cords to stop flapping, or with webbing into clasps, and velcro strips to hold it all together. There are parts for the wings, fuse, rudder/elevator, windscreen/roof, engine. Extra touches - special soft fabric against the perspex and heat resistant over the engine. Most of the time the aircraft is in a hangar and it keeps the bird poo, dust and geko tracks off the surfaces.


We also use them when it is parked outside. Can't comment on hail resistance as we have not had a hail event with these covers, but it should dissipate some of the impact forces.


I don't have a photo with the covers completely on - these are half on/off.


We also have a "portable" hangar. This was also made to our specifications to suit an existing tarp and to accommodate my C152 being our largest plane. It was fabricated by Shady Characters. The whole thing comes apart into pieces that can be transported by ute or trailer to the airstrip and reassembled. It takes two people but has been done by one. The whole contraption has to be tied down somehow. Our plan was to get a driller to sink holes so we can construct footings, other ideas would be fixing it to the existing tie downs or providing guy wires to screw-ins. Depending on the strength of the ground fixture, the quality of the tarp and the cyclone rating of the structure you bought, it could provide very good protection.


We erected ours in the backyard to see how it goes together - now it has become too useful and we are looking at buying another to actually use for the planes. Ours cost about $2,500 - $3,000 but somehow we/they got the height wrong and it ended up about a metre higher than planned, so we cut it down - so the cost might be more like $2,500. Plus tarp(s). The company can provide a solid cladding but we preferred it to be portable. It has survived one serious blow that uprooted a couple of our trees and one light hail event.


Happy to give more details.









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I have a full set of covers, also made by Punkin Head for the Cobra - velcro tabs and quickclick straps - covers the whole plane right down to 3 "socks" over the prop blades. I use them everytime I go away and occasionally in the hangar as well if not flying for a while. They have survived 40+ knot dust storms on Eyre peninsula undamaged and have to say I am really happy with them - they fit perfectly





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Guest davidh10
Hi Where do I get in contact with Punkin Head I need a cover for a J230

Apart from Googling, they are located at Yarrawonga aerodrome. Some people fly in for measurements or to pick up the covers.



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