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Tricks and tips....


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Howdy! me again...... 006_laugh.gif.0f7b82c13a0ec29502c5fb56c616f069.gif


I had a thought (our mind's are an amazing thing ain't they?!), and was wondering if you have any little tips and tricks up your sleeve that you'd like to let us in on...???


Spit 'em out, I'd like to hear what they are, can be anything from a memory jogger, to how to get the best performance out of a 747.


My limited couple that I've done/do, are:


# On my pencil I use for Nav's, I have marked 10nm marks along it. Helps to give more accurate, instant gestimations.


# Put little yellow (or any colour that stands out) circle stickers (5mm diameter or so) on/beside my turn points, destination(s) along a route, helps to instantly find it on your map, and looks cool seeing them along your pencil line when laid out on the bench! :big_grin: Also acts as a spot to write departure times on, rather than on the map it self. (you still write it on the flight plan as well, but it just makes life easier)


You got any....?? question.gif.c2f6860684cbd9834a97934921df4bcb.gif



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Hiya i like the pencil trick, one thing i like on-board is my monocular 8x i find it less distracting and does not interfere with your view around the cockpit or outside orientation ect, anywhere nearly as bad as binoculars also very small and light.


Rational is that in the event of a precautionary landing or forced landing, you have the opportunity to view the ground from your starting altitude before decent has occurred, from 6000ft say your view will be as if you were 800ft thereabouts to the ground and you have the opportunity to use your glide distance more effectively to make it to an appropriate landing area, i think we have all seen the ground can look very different from a height, who knows you may be lucky and see one of the many bush strips that are around also you may be involved in a SAR incident where you may be looking for someone or aircraft what a great tool to have and backyard pools can look good too ha. hope this is useful to others cheers aviators Steve. 040_nerd.gif.a6a4f823734c8b20ed33654968aaa347.gif



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Learnt a new tip on the weekend from Steve Vette. If you have an air bubble in your skid ball tilt the gauge so that the glass vial extension (the bit you don't see) is at the top, then the air bubble will sit quite happily in the extension out of sight and not interfere with the ball operation.





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I like to draw a line representing the runways at airfields on my vtc, vnc,WAC in chinagraph(wac -covered in contact-) with the runway headings, etc. Circuit directions, frequency.Alot of people dont like writing on their maps, but since they have to regulary be replaced, i dont worry about writing on them.(i check the current ERSA for any changes though before i depart, and change if nessasary) .



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How to balance a spinner


Take one bucket of water.


Place spinner point down in the water and pour more water inside the spinner, as high as possible and nearly to the level of any cut-outs.


Th spinner rim should float exactly level, if not add weight (washers) with BluTak until correct, then epoxy washers in place.


I use a laser level on a few bricks alongside the bucket to get the level. The spinner can be persuaded to rotate slowly wit a gentle prod from a finger.





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