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Take your kids to work day. USA.

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Ok, it has probably been covered.


What's your opinion.


All the DJ's are on their soap boxes how "Dangerous" it is.


The kid's parent was there telling them exactly what to say. If things got busy, the kid would be side-lined and the controllers would go about their jobs.


The media are expressing their opinions saying that it IS dangerous because it is such a busy job and all the things which need to be done.


Sure, but as I said, the parent was there and was telling the kid what to say.


This is (probably) different to the Russian pilot who let his kid into the cockpit to "fly" the plane and in so doing disengaged LNAV.


So my question is there.... I'm just asking.


Gee the Yanks are good at knee jerk reactions - but there again, so are we.





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The kid was a whole lot easier to understand than the rapid fire speech of the ATC's.


Probably pretty harmless - the kid would have been saying what his father told him to, and I believe the pilots were told in advance and they seemed to by OK with it, even enjoying it.


So, while the ATC no doubt will be forced to fall on his sword, overall a bit of harmless fun.


My only slight concern would be what if things suddenly turned pear shaped in the tower, for whatever emergency. Then you have to worry about getting the kid out of the way. But that's getting pretty picky I guess - given there are often visitors to the tower.


BTW, off-topic, but the other day we visited both the YMMB and YMEN towers, flying in from YLIL. Great experience - if you ever get the opportunity do it. Nice to see things from the other side of the mike. 099_off_topic.gif.20188a5321221476a2fad1197804b380.gif



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It should have been used as a positive example of promoting aviation and the role of the ATC'ller. The kid was there with his father, being supervised by not only his dad but another in line supervisor. The whole thing has been handled appallingly and the usual cotton wool mob jump up and down to serve their own interests. The pilots were more than supportive of the kid and i would suggest the positives would have outweighed any negatives ten fold.


Now it has turned into a grandstanding issue by every tom dick and harry looking to show the world how great they are, at the expense of this kid who once had an interest in aviation.


Very sad, but so indicative of society these days. 049_sad.gif.af5e5c0993af131d9c5bfe880fbbc2a0.gif



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