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AAAA Fly-In in Griffith - April 24 - 26th

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AAAA Fly-In in Griffith - April 23 - 25th




We had a similar discussion on this before Echuca last year.


Would you be able to please check whether the AAAA intend to allow under-wing camping at Griffith in 2 weeks if any forum members choose to fly in?


Regards Geoff



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Griffith is CTAF-R so would be tough Id have thought



YGTH also requires an ASIC, so my question was pushing it a little, although I think there was under-wing at the SAAA's Wings Over Wagga a few years ago.


Oh, well ......................



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Guest Andys@coffs

Mybe Im slow this morning... what does the mandatory use of radio have to do with camping under the wing?


ASIC, I can understand might limit who can play, but again if you have one why would that stop you camping under a wing?





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Sorry to generalise but most regional strips Ive been into which are CTAF-R have RPT traffic and ASIC is required. I thought RPT was why they are CTAF-R?


Anyway YGTH has fences, entry codes (which is the CTAF-R freq), RPT traffic and besides all this the normal tie down area has bad catheads.


Area in front of hangers is beautifully irrigated lawn though. Good Aero Club and some great restaraunts in town. Nice place overall.



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Hi guys, just found this thread...been away for a little bit.


There is a camping area with some facilities (toilets/showers) being provided by the Griffith Aero Club for those wanting to camp. It's not airside (for many reasons, one being security I imagine) but it is on the airfield grounds near the aero club building (next to the terminal car park). If you'd like details, please contact the aero club as they're organising that aspect.



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