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CAAP 166-1(0) and CAAP 166-2(0)


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10 April 2010: CAAP 166-1(0) and CAAP 166-2(0)


CASA have released the two advisory publications associated with the changing operating and communications regulations* for all aircraft at the 300 or so certified and registered aerodromes. These new regulations will come into effect 3 June 2010, if the legislative changes are processed in time.


*Mandatory carriage of radio — and being qualified to use the radio — when operating at those registered and certified non-towered aerodromes. Recommended radio broadcasts and circuit procedures for ALL non-towered aerodromes.


The Civil Aviation Advisory Publications are: CAAP 166-1 'Operations in the vicinity of non-towered (non-controlled) aerodromes' and CAAP 166-2 'Pilots responsibility in collision avoidance in the vicinity of non-towered (non-controlled) aerodromes by 'see and avoid'.


Please note that the term 'ultralight' as used in the CAAPs when recommending a 500 feet circuit height, refers only to those RA-Aus aircraft which have a maximum cruising speed below 55 knots, or thereabouts. Please read the combined CAAP 166-1/166-2 document.


I have compiled a listing in text file format of CASR Part 139 certified aerodromes [184] and registered aerodromes [120] but it may not reflect current status so check ERSA.


... JB



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Advisory publications.


Quite a lot of airmanship aspects addressed there. I cannot recall this subject being dealt with in this manner before. Comments anyone? ...... Note the effective date. Nev



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