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warranty on jabiru j series


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Hello sorry to hear about your landing gear problem, as for Jabiru i have always known them to be very good with warranty issues, as long as the maintaining is exactly as they instruct for your model, and the use of the aircraft was normal flight and operationaly within the guidelines of the aircraft flight manual.


I am very happy with the customer service i have recieved, hec they will ship you parts no matter what it is, the same day to anywhere if you get stuck. cheers hope all goes ok for you Steve



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All maintenance done




Maintenance was 100% serviced every 25hrs by L2. Operated privately by experienced pilot from properly maintained airfields, no hire or training.


Jabiru will not accept that they may have had a fault in their batch of legs. CASA and RA-Aus have 2 other reports plus mine, the J170 that I found here in WA plus I have now found through forums that there are 2 more, at least, one in Qld and the other in Victoria that makes 6. All produced int he same period, more than a coincidence I think.


I am glad yours is going well, if I have the right guy you have a J120 in SA is that right?


Take care mate





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Hiya Gavin, no worries mate, i feel sure all will be sorted out for you soon, like you say the aircraft is well maintained and operated, i cant see any issue that could cause concern to Jabiru it could well take them some time to track that batch of legs, hope it is sorted quickly for you cheers Steve



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Guest watto

I have made a warranty claim for a leaking fuel tank and without an issue the wing was removed and the tank resloshed, problem solved.


I also had an altimeter fail early on and as I was training at Bundy at the time it was exchange during my coffe break, again no questions!! I cannot fault Jabiru after sales service.



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jabiru warrantee.


Know of many instances, and in every case I can remember, the service was forthcoming in a satisfactory manner. There has been a hint of "the right approach" being a bit essential, You are dealing with a human being who has to put up with "crazy advice" from cuetomers sometimes and it would be a 24/7 situation, at that end. I am not infering that this is the case here. There may be other factors. Hang in, their record is good. Nev



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"that makes 6...."


I would like to hear the details of the 6 problems is possible. I have a J230 with no problems as yet and am about to do a 200 hourly.


Any details would be of of interest


"Jabiru will not accept that they may have had a fault in their batch of legs"


What batch of legs are you referring to [mine is 18 months old] I accept mine is a J230 and not a J170 but the legs look the same to me.





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