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pending L2 Inspection report...

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once a satisfactory L2 inspection report is complete, Next week i Will Be a Sadler Vampire Owner!! and pilot! bring on Narromine! or maybe avalon!




so, about the rotax 503 2 stroke thing... steep learning curve for me ahead!



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Hello Ultralights...Hey, how about telling us a bit about your new machine.


Pretty impressive flyers they are. I saw a promotional video years ago. I even tried one on for size, but alas...


My mate in Orange has one with a twin carby 447 donk. A few years back he had an engine failure due to fuel starvation and forced landed in a paddock which was a dried out cattle bog. The vampire skidded to a stop on the bottom of the nacelle after the three protruding thingos with the wheels attached had been wiped off. He has rebuilt it and he loves his vampire. Not the sort of love shared between humans, but you know what I mean.


I must see that video again...it may even be on the internet.







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