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  1. Thank you everyone for your kind comments and support, most of you who know me realise John and I worked very closely and were best friends. Close family and friends are just trying to rally around Julie at this tragic time and this has deeply affected our local Caboolture Microlights group as well as the greater sport aviation group beyond any words. Even though the grief at the moment is unimaginaeable, Julie told me yesterday she was heartened by all the kind words for John so thank you and if I could ask everyone to respect the process and the families during this terrible time. Please also remember the other pilot and his family as the grief is being felt way beyond us in th e greater community around Rockhampton as well. We are all hurting so badly right now but thanks I will update on any arrangements as soon as I can and when appropriate. Rest in Peace John.
  2. Inglewooders, hope to see you all there. I'm heading out tomorrow. T-Lite may struggle to get to Goondi but will plus 1 if there is a spare seat with someone? Blue Skies!
  3. Heard the ATC call for listening watch on 121.5 and we also monitored freq for 15 minutes and nothing on return from BP dam. No further news is hopefully good news. No missing reports after 2 days so here's hoping all good.
  4. Hi Deb, I'll be there Sat for the fun, day only. Great weather bodes well for a fantastic weekend
  5. Fantastic Haydn, many will never know the true commitment and diligence you have put in to all aspects of this build including the flying. You both deserve many happy hours together. I just converted another factory order buyer who you know, who lives across the pond and was murmuring about flying it over one day. Braver man than I but you may see him lob in some time! Enjoy your test flight program.
  6. Ten years worth of RA rego still wouldn't come close to an average GA 100 hourly.
  7. So are you prepared to accept with all consequences and any repercussions the full implications that may occur as a result of flight in your 19 aircraft? Accepting that if any passenger or professional is to sit side by side with you that you accept full responsibility for any consequences directly attributable to your construction or maintenance actions in regard to your aircraft? Or are you happy for all amateur built aircraft to be limited to solo operations by builder only? Are you prepared to accept all legal scrutiny and the consequences of such scrutiny if perhaps you may have any error in any part of your construction or operation of your aircraft? And by way of representation, how many of your fellow amateur colleagues are also prepared to accept the above inherent responsibility and liability without any insurance coverage whatsoever? With freedom comes responsibility. What are amateur builders and operators prepared to accept?
  8. And no one would do that here would they? .... Oh the joy of foolhardy anonymity and armchair experts - no specific reference to you Oscar!
  9. Haydn, dont taxi it too fast unless you want to get airborne, lifty these Savs. Also when you get to flying check your venting and make sure that they are pressurising equally, looks great and a nice variation on Mark Kyles. Pleasure to help where I can.
  10. What pitch have you got set on your DUC prop, what rpm and ias do you climb out at ?
  11. One of the reasons I bought a Savannah and teach in it is that there are so many kit versions in Oz, all these pilots have the opportunity to fly the factory item prior to testing their own and compare build processes to a compliant standard and also get used to the idiosyncrasies of the type, the same applies to Jabs, and a few others as well. I am VERY selective about any amateur built I would climb into, not because it may or may not be safe but because I can't easily confirm it.Beyond an effective pre-flight, and a scan of any maintenance records I'm flying on blind trust.In any case the responsibility for my safety ultimately rests with me and the risk I am prepared to take, to ask an administrator to do this for you in an amateur category is begging for more regulation. Now correct me if I'm wrong but aren't most people in RA-Aus asking for less regulation? Then with this freedom also comes the responsibility. We can't have it both ways.
  12. I sort of covered this thought process in my tag line to try to give a snippet to those who could be bothered to ascertain some credibility, but I'm with greybeard and others, user posts will give any one an idea of knowledge, objectivity or prejudice. I note the instructors forum gets very little use where a subgroup with credentials was set up. There's an old saying " rather be silent and be thought a fool than talk and remove any doubt!"
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