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  1. This guy should be an aviation reporter. No sensationalism here, just facts.
  2. Thanks for the link Kaz. Puts a different slant on the situation.
  3. You have to laugh at the pathetic attempt by James Dowling trying to sensationalise a straight forward diversionary landing by making a ridiculous statement that the 91 pax were rattled. I could also make a statement that they were only acting that way as they got to have a holiday for a short period in Mildura, but I didn't interview any pax. Did James Dowling interview 91 pax??
  4. My son in law started out with his PPL. Managed to get a job working for monkeys cause he was only getting paid peanuts. A year later he landed a job cattle rustling near Oodnadatta. He stuck that out for 5 years and then got a job with Cairns based mob flying Islanders and the like to the Torres Strait islands for 4 yrs. For 3 yrs now he's been flying DASH 8's for Airlines New Guinea. I think he is about to apply for a flight position with Cathay in the next few weeks. Stick with it. Work hard. You'll get there if you really want.
  5. Hi Everyone. Planned a trip from Booleroo Centre SA through to BDV and LRE but need a better awareness as to how easy PULP fuel is to acquire. Our return trip takes us through BCK, BCV, ROM, SGE, LRD, NRM, CBT, WCA, BHI and back to BOC. Trip starts 18th May and weather permitting, back to BOC 24th May. I'd like to hear from anyone in or around these areas so as to get a heads up regarding refuelling at LRE, ROM or SGE and lodgings and refuelling at NRM. A preference is for PULP but we'll take AVGAS. In anticipation, thanks one and all.
  6. Tomo is that 70km by road or as the drifter flies? I'm accompanying (sharing the load and navigating) a mate from from Booleroo Centre to Longreach via LEC - MUG - BDV - WDH to LRE. From there it's on to BCK - BCV - ROM - SGE - LRD -GIL - NRM followed by CBT- WCA - BHI - and finally back to BOC. We expect to be up your way on Sunday 19th May if the weather is kind to us. PM me with the coordinates and all being well we'll drop in rather than stop at WDH.
  7. Hi people. I'm endeavouring to find out where I can purchase Bing type 64-3 carbs complete and ready for use. Any ideas out there??
  8. Thanks for the heads up guys. I appreciate your time and input. I'll keep in mind that you are ready to release yours. I may be looking for one in the next few months. Have looked at many aircraft now and prefer something for long distance. At the same time I'm drawn towards tail draggers as recently I have been flying an early Lightwing, which at first seemed a real bitch and was like a truck in comparison to other aircraft I've had the opportunity to fly, but I've recently come to terms with the way it flies and enjoy the exhilarating and invigorating feeling and the way in which it makes on
  9. A Happy New Year to all. Does anyone here have experience on the Allegro 2000 and 2007? Nice looking aeroplane. Read a few reviews but like to here from anybody who actually owns one or two or more.
  10. Yes Kevin. At an event like this, marshalling is a must and it'd be good to hear from YJST Base whilst traffic was leaving. I got the impression from monitoring area freq. that the the parties over now we can relax.
  11. I was monitoring 126.7 and heard warbird call for clearance for take off asap due overheating. He was on piano keys. A jab pulled out in front called rolling. I've no idea why he pulled out onto the runway with an aircraft already lined up. The P51 also started his roll and I thought, "Is nobody at YJST base watching." The P51 pilot must have seen a wing tip of the Jab and kicked his aircraft hard starboard, his port wing glancing across the top of the Jabs starboard wing.
  12. All oceans are shark infested, whale infested, crab infested etc. The reporter got it right because he knows there are sharks out there.
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