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  1. You are absolutely correct facthunter this is a pivotal moment. Be prepared for massive loss of privileges and increases in cost.
  2. The RAA couldn't organise an afternoon tea party, this has been demonstrated comprehensively. The RAA couldn't tell me how many hours two strokes did as compared to four strokes much less brand of engine. If you have figures as to brand x engine, how many hours they have done between failures, the cause of failure, and a comparison with all the other engines in common service including RAA and VH registered types that fit the "LSA / Ultralight " category I suggest you post them. You lack of understanding of good governance eg meeting procedures and now you have demonstrated a lack of understan
  3. All arguments raised thus far are based on anecdotal evidence, very similar to what has been raised in previous threads. We have a gut feeling something may be wrong but its not conclusive. Without knowing the failure modes, the inputs of the pilot and the maintainer its all pure speculation. The argument should be about how we plan to gather the data, the parameters of the data and its interpretation. Until then its all 6 schooners at the bar talk.
  4. It seems that finally we will be able to study a real statistical analysis of the reliability of light sport engines, something that should have been done by RAA right from the get go, it may be some time however before the report is released. Be prepared for increased regulation, whether it creates better safety outcomes remains to be seen http://www.atsb.gov.au/publications/2013/ar-2013-107.aspx
  5. A Jabiru has landed safely in a paddock at Victoria Pt after a suspected engine failure. That's two in two weeks? What's going on? http://www.couriermail.com.au/news/queensland/pilot-forced-to-make-emergency-landing-in-paddock-southeast-of-brisbane/story-fnihsrf2-1226700475247
  6. Soon you will plug a data cable into the back of your head and a feeding tube into your mouth and go flying in the matrix.
  7. Just cant believe the hoax that CASA was going to shut us down is still being flogged to justify the MB appointment. It's like ground hog day in here, move on, if the SMS is a problem appoint someone with due process followed who is competent to do the job. END OF STORY.........
  8. First rule of flying is maintain airspeed. No excuse for this in a multi crew environment, who cares what the auto throttle did or didn't do.
  9. Hear Hear. A properly trained pilot should be able to control the aircraft in any part of the envelope. I did my ab intio training in gliders and had my instructors put me into some vicious spins, didn't like it at the time but it was and is a priceless lesson.
  10. John G an excellent summation of CASA's shortcomings in this matter, methinks the supposed emergency was A Red Herring.
  11. More will follow to distance themselves from the danger of being exposed to liability by a President who acts unilaterally.
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