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  1. Would appreciate if you could let me know the name of that app.
  2. Ditto would really appreciate some photos if possible Russ.
  3. Yep can of worms open and no airspeed does not change. Really important for all to understand but I will leave that to perhaps Motz to comment. Maybe new thread.
  4. My understanding is you would not lose airspeed with the change of wind direction but your ground speed would increase? Could be the subject for a new thread but just thought I would open it up for discussion as it is an important point to understand. Have I got it wrong? I am sure others more experienced than me may like to comment.
  5. Another one showing European airspace and 30,000 flights for the day. I had no idea the number would be that big! Best to watch in full screen. [MEDIA=vimeo]88093956[/MEDIA]
  6. Here's a link to NATS blog explaining more. http://nats.aero/blog/2014/11/take-guided-tour-uk-skies/
  7. Amazing to watch! [MEDIA=vimeo]110348926[/MEDIA]
  8. Yep agreed. Link below. https://www.raa.asn.au/wp-content/uploads/2012/02/Summary-of-changes-Issue-7.pdf
  9. https://www.raa.asn.au/wp-content/uploads/2012/02/Operations-Manual-Issue-7.pdf
  10. When you open this short video, view it in full screen. When passengers boarded this plane bound for San Francisco, they never could've guessed what they would encounter near the tail-end of the flight. During the flight, just off the left wing — as visible in the video — there emerges a totally futuristic aircraft. What was it? Virgin Galactic's brand new SpaceShipTwo and its mothership plane, the White Knight II. Even more impressive, the aptly named SpaceShipTwo (it literally goes into space) executed a parallel landing with the commercial airliner http://www.chonday.com/Videos/jegalc
  11. In relation to the medical requirements for a RPL the standard is a Recreational Aviation Medical Practitioner’s Certificate (RAMPC). The link to the form is in my first post on this thread. This was originally supposed to be a simple drivers licence standard but has morphed into a higher requirement. If you have any issues that would preclude you from passing the RAMPC you will need to go down the class 2 path. A class 2 would also allow you to obtain a PPL. I'll let someone else address the training requirements.
  12. Thanks Peter for the reply. Glad you agree re the anomalies. Looks like I will go down the Class 2 path.
  13. H Hi Neil, Sorry for the delay getting back to you as I just woke up. Must have been the big night on the drugs! Seriously, I too scratch my head regarding this form. Can't believe the ambiguity and lack of clarity. Saw my cardiologist last night for a stress test which was all good. He said passing a Class 2 will be no problem so will go down that path.
  14. http://www.casa.gov.au/WCMSwr/_assets/main/manuals/regulate/misc/form166.pdf Following on from another thread that had drifted I thought I would start another specific thread. Reading this form is not making a lot of sense and I am sure doctor's and pilots alike will be confused. I am RA-Aus current and considering resurrecting my PPL down the RPL path. Problem is I had a stent inserted seven years ago. No heart attack but luckily found the blocked artery in advance of any issues. I have a stress test every 12-18 months only as a precaution and never had another issue. Reading th
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