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  1. One only needs to reflect on the recent Air Crash Investigation series regarding the Columbian Air Bianca disaster that crashed when it ran out of fuel when they were put in a holding pattern by ATC.The pilots did a great job in this case,putting peoples lives first.
  2. Need more of these fantasy ventures,what a sight to see that massive rocket take off,hope all goes well.
  3. Well if he ever gets the sack ,he can always get a job with the a lot of these cheap nasty couriers we have around.Ive been a victim of a few of them lately.
  4. Gday Mike,yes i got the the instructions on the does and do not does, from Adrian with the preamp,thanks.I got the Sena 3sb 2off for pic and pax,they are the basic headphones which I wired into my old helmets,they are not the hamburger with the lot like your 20s,only for very close range intercom and to pair up with a couple of other apps,but suits me,maybe upgrade later.
  5. They are awesome,tested mine on the weekend,WOW,no more annoying cables,and crystal clear sound,even in my noisy aerochute.Never thought that would be possible.
  6. Got it all on order with Adrian down SA.Funny thing with these new Sena bluetooths acording to their compatibility charts on their website , is that they all seem to only work with the older airband radios that you can only get in the US why is that?,and i am not going down that illegal minefield,but rather stay with my Icom-A15 with the preamp connection.
  7. Yep found out today after many searches they are ok with the icom a-15s,and have ordered one with a headset and cable.So looking forward to be able to clearly hear people on it especially on a safety point of view..Seeing some youtube footage on them they sound crystal clear and not overly expensive either.
  8. Howdy all I am thinking of getting a SR 10 bluetooth system set up but would not have the faintest idea if a popular ICOM- a15 radio would work on these as i know they work with certain brands of ICOMS,just wondering if anyone out there has a set up I am refering to before I blow my dough ray me on one .Cheers.
  9. I have a Bolly Prop with a whats called a Dura Tuff leading edge,they are manufactured with the prop,a permanent hard leading edge that can withstand a few hard knocks.i have had mine for 4 years and not a single chip on it.
  10. They use the mirrors a lot in the USA on their PPCs Which is where I got the idea from.Give it a go they dont cost the earth,surprise yourself.
  11. I use a trusty little pocket camera called a Scoutgaurd sg570 I dont know if they sell them anymore,ive had mine for years for surveillance on my farm,even had it outside in the rain as they are waterproof.I now have it in my garage hidden in a secret spot pointed to the aerochute with a hardened chain and padlock.Thats my insurance,as insurance for Aerochutes is b/s anyway.
  12. I would call your local insurance broker,they will search and find you the best insurance people for that.They will charge you a small one off fee only,but its better than ringing around yourself,and being put on hold for ages.
  13. Good one ,a 4.45am first light flight for me tomorrow morning,weather has been pretty windy and wet up here lately.
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