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  1. I agree. It is not good that incidents go unreported. I know of an incident where an aircraft caught & ripped off it's tailwheel on the top wire of a fence as it came in to land. I can't find a report of that on the RAAus site. I wonder if it was recorded in the aircraft maintenance log too?
  2. Just wondering what people are using ( if anything ) to protect composite props from stone chips & general wear? I came across this on the Aircraft Spruce website - 3M ALUMINUM PROP TAPE - 2 WIDTH from Aircraft Spruce Has anyone used this? Is it any more durable than the polyurethane tapes like the one linked below which I have been using, it works OK but I would like something even more durable - 3M POLYURETHANE 8561 / 8562 PROP TAPE from Aircraft Spruce
  3. From RAAus via e-mail today - Reactivation and Joining Fees From 1 March, membership renewals that have been overdue for more than 30 days will be subject to a reactivation fee of $22. RAAus incurs costs when a member joins or reactivates their membership, so rather than putting fees up, we have introduced a fee to cover the membership record setup or reactivation for new or expired members. Staying on top of your membership renewal will help you avoid this fee, if in doubt about the expiry date of your membership, simply log in to your member portal to access your membership summary
  4. I am rather surprised there has not been more reaction to the fact not all our flying schools are being inspected. Sort of gotten lost in discussion of hours to train & what instruction cost. Just to chime in on that I know of schools regularly taking 60 hours to get a pilot certificate done. On the other hand an interstate friend had a school tell him they would have him solo in 5-6 hours.
  5. Rod if you are looking for feedback on more than just Sport Pilot please see the thread "Safety & Training - RAAus are you listening?" in the General Discussion section of this forum.
  6. In recent times RAAus have employed a person specialising in safety. This new position has come up with such gems as sending out Hi-Viz vests & key rings that remind us pilots to engage our minds before flight. Does it really take someone specialised in safety to come up with such an un-original idea as Hi-Viz vests? How many RAAus members have been killed or injured in the history of RAAus because they were not wearing a Hi-Viz vest? Obviously there is plenty of money to be spent on safety initiatives. Meanwhile our operations team either does not have the funding or time to get around
  7. The max weight of an RAAus registered aircraft is not "purely an admin thing", it is a rule. This sort of attitude does nothing good for the RAAus movement. Also I hear plenty talk about the ability to fly at 700kg as a GA aircraft, not many mention that the increase in weight increases the stall speed. A dangerous trap for those who hear the aircraft can fly at 700kg & think they will bend the RAAus rules and load one up.
  8. If a 50 nm flight at 50kts takes 1 hour which "include transport to field and setup etc prior to flight becomes a day", an extra 15 knots will mean your 60 minute flight becomes a 46 minute flight, not much difference to your day really. Not sure if you operate under RAAus or HGFA? I know in RAAus without a X-Country endorsement you can only fly 25nm, does HGFA allow you to do the 50nm flights without the endorsement?
  9. It always amuses me when people talk about how much an RAAus registered J230 can carry. At an empty weight of 370kg ( without options ) you are only left with 230kg usable load. Full fuel is 135 litres which weighs about 95kg. If you & your passenger combined weigh any more than 135kg ( which would be a very common scenario ), you can't even fill up the tanks & that is with no baggage.
  10. And just for good measure, I just received in the mail the rego card and in a seperate envelope an "Overdue Notice" dated the same day as the rego was processed. What a waste of time & resources!!! And my new rego runs out 51 weeks after it was issued. 51 weeks rego for the price of 52, now that's a good deal!?!?
  11. The aircraft I have been refering to has now been registered, however on the paperwork accompanying the new reo it did not have the number of hours & landings updated although some other details have been updated. However I consider the following of much greater concern. On the cover letter that comes with the renewal papers for our rego the 5th paragraph reads......( bold & itallics added by me ) "Due to the nature of aviation and in order to enhance your safety, AUSAR ( Australian Search and Rescue ) have 'read only' access to our database to assist in their duties if one of
  12. The aircraft being discussed here had the "Database Details for Aircraft" form fully completed when the renewal was submitted, including both changes to incorrect info in contradiction with the info supplied at the time of initial registration last year, and filling in blanks where the info was also provided at initial rego. Although not requested, photos of all rego markings and correct placarding were also supplied with the renewal in an attempt to prevent delays in case the photos supplied last year had been misplaced.
  13. So did those aircraft get their regos renewed? If so what was the point of all the hold ups last year for those of us that do supply all the required info if regos were renewed for some that did not?
  14. Maj, it was the tech staff who said they are running at 5 weeks. I don't doubt Darren is working hard to better this, but if they are running at a 5 week turnaround the renewal paperwork should be sent out 6 weeks before expiry not 4 as seems to the case at the moment. With less notice than the lead time every aircraft will spend some time grounded. I know of one case where a single aircraft school is now unable to operate due to rego delays. This particular aircraft was only first registered 1 year ago ( ie after the problems came to light and the auditing began ) so delays due auditing wer
  15. What I am saying is not guess work, read the incident & accident reports recently added to the RAAUs website & you will see there is no indication of poor maintenance featuring as a cause of accidents. I know you have copped a raw deal with what has happened with your aircraft, but work that shoddy is very much the exception not the rule. I think RAAus should be sorting bigger problems that affect many members before creating more paperwork for those of us who work to keep aircraft flying. This new process is purely paperwork and will not reveal any substandard work. Sounds like
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