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Revel Downing

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    Sapphire LSA Mk2 & Zodiac 601HDS
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    Mandurah WA
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  1. Thanks Kasper. Mine is a 25 registered factory build and it seems RAAus won’t have a bar of altering the MTOW
  2. As mentioned mine is one of the earlier ones 1989 and was only rated and registered with RAAus at MTOW 250kg. Does not make sense as it means The pilot can only be 60kg with full tanks @ 38l.
  3. Thanks for the offer Brendon, but I live in WA and it’s a bit of a distance to fly in the Sapphire. I will look you up if I come your way. Thanks
  4. Hi, just joined the forum. I recently acquired a 1989 model Sapphire LSA Mk2 which I have not yet flown as I plan to address a few maintenance matters before first flight. It presents as a sleek light aircraft with an MTOW of 250kg which is very low. One of my concerns is the carry weight as I am on the heavier end of the spectrum. Another is the crappie 2 piece canopy. I noticed the later models came out with a better canopy setup. One has a side flip and the other a forward flip arrangement. I wondered if anyone can head me in the right direction to obtain the forward flip version.
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