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  1. I have purchased a 2nd hand BRS and it is @ Moorabbin. Getting it home to Cooma NSW is posing a problem. Whilst flying in would be nice its not looking possible . Freight companies cannot move a restricted item (the rocket motor ) .Whilst a drive down may be the final choice i was wondering if anyone was traveling to the Orbost area, Cooma, Canberra area, sth coast NSW and would be prepared to pick it up for delivery. An agreed fee of course would be paid Thanks , Pete
  2. The foxbat we own is LSA and we wish to install a locally available system to make it easer for the checks it will need every 5 yrs. The glitch comes along in the requirement that we need a letter of approval of modification from the Foxbats maufacturer. Thats ok , however has anyone gone down that route , if so are you able to give me a few pointers. Cheers , Pete
  3. When the time comes to replace the water hoses on my 912 ( engine and radiator ) can I use good quality hose from an auto parts supplier or similar , hydraulic hose from enzed /pirtek etc. Who makes a good quality fuel hose. These are going in a Foxbat LS . Thanks ,Pete.
  4. How dare you think out of the box, showing traits of common sense like that will only lead to the end of uncivilisation as we thought we knew it. In the day and age of the newest model must be better, you should be grateful that someone has enabled ,with predictable regulatily, thousand$$ to be in posession of something BRAND NEW. Scuse me whilst I go and reinvent the Wheel .. Anyway, just a thought, and in no way insinuating that the powers that bee are a joke. Written and authorised by Pete
  5. Hi Mark, I got accident insurance for myself , reasonable annual fee. try emailing - [email protected]
  6. Check this out [ www.getup.org.au/protect-us -but-respect-us ] and I am seeing a day when the issuing of my asic card should become easier, or even not necessary. That good old situational awareness (whats happened, whats happening ,whats likely to happen ) shouldn't stop when we are not in the air. So iffn you've been good and cautious what could you possibly do to go wrong? Do you loose your lisence if Your callsign is used by someone where you shouldnt be?
  7. The unit was chinese made , I take note of the price reflecting the quality. cheers , Pete
  8. What could have caused my altimeter to have suddenly become unadjustable below 3500'. I realise that it is damaged so will start with the question .. "do altimeters sometimes just sh+t themselves or is there something more sinister affoot "? Aircraft has pitot and static beside one and other and is covered when in hanger. Unit still reg wrong when out, so not a moisture in hose problem. cheers Pete
  9. Ok , have cut the central section of the liner out to accommodate the headset top cushion, removed nearly all the foam from the rest of it and taped the lot back in the helmet with the covering material. Put the headset in as per ideas , juggled the lot onto my head and went bush for a walk gee it was quieter than usual. Sorry gang but I must be suffering from the "poor me" syndrome cause it just getted more unkumphy. Damn.. Then when I read Scotts comment about them not being designed to go together iI realised that maybe its not all me . Xmas is comming , so is summer (about 15 , -10's here in the last month ) and I suspect a new lynx helmet . Thanks for the feedback Pete
  10. Thanks Ray, checked their website yesterday ,but didn't realy know what I was looking for. However your advice has solved my problem, thanks, and I hope others have got a reference of that in their note book . Cheers, Pete
  11. Where can I get locking male/ female connectors as used on Lynx Headsets and do they have a particular name ? cheers, Pete
  12. Thanks Alf , thats how I get everything on and I am still complaining!!! Thus the idea of a different helmet. Ray, shall try removing some more of the foam liner. Pete
  13. I wear a lynx headset and an icaro helmet and find that after 30 min flying the pressure of the earcups on my ears becomes quite painful (yeah bighead , I hear you say). I pulled out the foam liner of the icaro removed the cloth cover and used the dremel tool to take out foam plus extra at headset top support area. Still feels crap . Trying to work out if I should get a LARGE Lynx helmet or even look at one of those micro avionics helmets with a built in headset . Have even thought of a helicopter helmet, though the prices are pretty steep ( I suppose they are a lot safer in an accident). Any ideas would be appreciated , or even chuckled at. What do you use and how do you find your combo. Cheers, Pete
  14. Thanks all for your info and I hope that others got as much out of it as I did . Thinks I shall go for the vision .
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