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  1. Brett

    Smoke Systems

    That is the plan to temporarily fit a sensor to the exhaust but assumed someone may know off the top of their head... I'm sure I wouldn't be the first to try this.
  2. Brett

    Smoke Systems

    Does anybody know if the exhaust temps are still high enough after a turbocharger to be vaible for a smoke system? Obviously injecting oil into the exhaust before the turbo you have back pressure plus other issues also.
  3. Brett

    Leak down test kit

    Add about $200 to that us$ price to get one in Australia through
  4. Brett

    Prop Balancers

    Sonex cowls dont leave much play room.
  5. Brett

    Prop Balancers

    Well Unfortunately I cant fit the balance master into.my cowling without major modifications and that will make it look stupid also... well, back to the drawing board. Static balancing and throw in a dynamic one after that.
  6. Brett

    Prop Balancers

    I've been in Contact with Danny, he did mention a figure it will balance to but it alludes me atm.... its a reasonable amount though I felt. I'm going to measure my cowl up this weekend to see if it will shoehorn in there..
  7. Brett

    Prop Balancers

    My issue is at roughly 50% power at about 2200 rpm mostly... it would have to help..
  8. Brett

    Prop Balancers

    My friends are also going over to Oshkosh this year... could you keep me posted please Jaba-who on what you come up with and thoughts about whats on offer?
  9. Here come the landing fee bills in the mail.
  10. Brett

    Prop Balancers

    I'm definitely keen to do a balance hence why I was hoping someone may have come accross a balancer perhaps more affordable than the ones I listed... $1800 for the Smart avionics one is the cheapest one I've found... plus add on the import duties lets call it $2k ....
  11. Brett

    Prop Balancers

    I have admittedly not static balanced it yet. Probably worth a shot first... Can't hurt thats for sure... it's a Sensenich prop so assume they balanced it correctly before they sent it.
  12. Brett

    Prop Balancers

    Just curious, Are there any other affordable prop balancers out there for the humble homebuilder apart from the dynavibe and PL-4 from Smart Avionics? It will probably only be used by a few of us in our general area. I know of a few others that are significantly higher in price but does anyone also that has much to do with them recommend one over the other? Btw no one close to us has one and no business's withing 450km has one either...I guess could travel to one of the options but will it be done right the first time? I'm chasing an on going issue and keen to have a good go at this balancing option. Thanks......
  13. Brett

    A time now sadly gone,

    I've built 2x planes and turned 41 as I finalized the second. I wont do it again. With the price of importing an affordable kit, very few affordable engines, taxes, I can easily see why I'll never build again. If for some really strange reason I ever own a third plane I'll buy a plane. I've lost way too much money building and buying is cheaper. You also have less options with an experimental build regarding hiring them and they are worth nothing in resale. I have loved aviation since I was old enough to look up 'plane' in the encyclopedia but for me it's as simple as that. I rarely come across anyone, even in our own aeroclub now interested in building. Sadly I think the skill will quitely fall away like handwriting. A big huge shoutout to those still building though and keeping the dream alive. I don't beieve there is much else that compares to the high of test flying a plane you built yourself. In todays world of games and ipads maybe there is.. who knows.
  14. Only in Russia though Gold bars rain down on Russian airport