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  1. It appears to me that this thread has gone waaay off track..as so often happens on this forum...
  2. Flyable - to a place for repair...or the next failure.. and Air worthy should be 100% reliable until the next scheduled service of the component with the least hours to run until a maintenance action must be carried out ..
  3. Congratulations Tomo! A shame we won't see you around the Downs much more but you will love Bowral Good luck in the future. Andy
  4. This whole thread has got waaaay out of proportion...
  5. This thread about beatups has turned into just another beat up... :-)
  6. I must defend this pilot partially.. I was in the aircraft (a Tecnam) next to take off and the pilot of the Harmon Rocket did give a radio call and tell us he was reversing direction... Andy
  7. Many Thanks HF. I flew to Watts Bridge on Saturday with a mate in his Tecnam who had an Apple mini ipad and Oz runways and I was very impressed with its useability... Andy
  8. So you need to buy and Android device( Samsung ,Telstra or similar ) and then Easy VFR from Pocket FMS and then Oziexplorer for Android. Is that right? when I checked on Oziexplorer it said that the software for Android was only a trial version and would drop out after 15 minutes..Or am I just very confused. Seems to me Apple mini with Ozrunways is popular cause it is just ...easier..?? Andy
  9. It seems that some people assume that if the engine of any aircraft stops then there will be an accident... this does not have to be the case.Lets face it if the engine stops , the wings don't fall off until you hit something on the ground! After I learnt to fly GA (when we did EFATOs and in flight failures) , I learnt on AUF/RAaus aricraft (Drifter and Thruster) I/we were all taught to fly as if the engine will stop not IF it will stop. If you always fly as if the engine will stop(usually on take off) - and you won't be surprised! (GA or RA Aus) It seems also that from the article in The Aviation Consumer that most accidents were a result of Pilot error. It could be said that if you have an accident due engine stoppage through what ever reason then that could also be Pilot error. It also follows that the larger the fleet of aircraft e.g Cessna 150 or Jabiru then the greater numbers will statistically have more recorded incidents.. If people are so worried about engines then perhaps they should do some gliding and learn to fly an aircraft that doesn't have an engine at all. Believe me it will improve your skills no end>>Lets not turn this whole RA AUs grounding/ATSB thing in to another excuse to have an engine bashing forum.. In the Aviation world globally, Pilot error and maintenance errors are the primary causes for accidents and incidents...
  10. It seems that since there has been a recent(!?) increase in forced landings,apparently the ATSB has started a new project entitled. Research investigation into the reliability of light sport aeroplane engines. see this link http://www.atsb.gov.au/publications/2013/ar-2013-107.aspx It will be very interesting to see the outcomes and consequent recommendations that come out of the ensuing investigation.Hopefully this will not have an adverse outcome for those who can and like to maintain their own aircraft and engine!
  11. Good morning BP2469er. That would be really useful thank you. Where exactly is your school located? Andy
  12. Paul and Arthur Ord-Hume in the UK were both largely responsible for the (eventual) success of home built aircraft and amateur aviation after WWII. Thanks Paul RIP...
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