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  1. Merry Christmas to all, and best wishes for the New Year, dodo (and special thanks to Ian for his efforts in providing the site)
  2. Plenty of skydiving still happening at Goulburn every weekend. dodo
  3. Good point, but it is asking a lot to get more than one line from most people. Especially if they had a good experience, they will have experience only one field, one instructor, always LH circuits and finished happy. It is only if you get messed around and have to go to several FTFs that you start to see a bit more. It is an expensive way to learn, but you do get more out of it and can then post a little more here. dodo
  4. The original poster may find this useful - as well as Mriya and Moz... I got the RA stuff around, where I went to several FTFs, and spent more more effort and money than necessary, before I ended up at Dave's flight school. Originally, I went to a country aero club, but at one point the aircraft was unserviceable for a couple of months, then was a bust up at the club and the instructor pulled out. I went to a commercial FTF, got back up to speed, and got used to the instructor, then the CFI took a permanent job elsewhere and dropped out. I went back to the country aero club, but h
  5. What is is the standard for engine reliability? Shouldn’t an analysis be preformed on all RA engines in use. What about two-strokes? No special mention? And how will CASA work with jabiru on the issues in future...no answers here. It is a rather unimpressive act by the regulator that won't satisfy anyone at all - or achieve anything? dodo
  6. [quote="\Tecnam then Jabiru - so long as both have same features (fixed undercarriage, tri gear and fixed prop then you are fine as they are within your endorsements and are of the the same group A \. Maybe, but I would be happier with advice and a fly with a pilot experienced on type before I flew it away. Regardless of Ops manual, and no need for a pilot examiner.
  7. If you crash and kill yourself in in a Jab 160, when you learnt on a 170, is the coroner going to comment on RA supervision of type certification? Would the coroner appreciate the difference between two types? Litigation, public criticism in the papers, regulation and more audits?
  8. Yep -a check flight sounds normal. Turning that into a formal type endorsement is overkill.
  9. I'll second David Rolfe and John Taru at the Oaks. Competent, practical and very good instructors. I also like them. But there will be other good flying schools - South Queensland seems to have a lot more going on than elsewhere, so you might be able to do better without travelling.. dodo
  10. It's like the little boy that cried wolf...is there a wolf?
  11. I wrote a letter to my three RA local reps when this was first mentioned as a change (Jan 2013 , I think,) got no reply, not even an acknowledgement, and they put the type rubbish in anyway. My reading of it is that you need type endorsement for anything you fly, so you probably are not legal now, until you either get CFI endorsement in your log book or get Ops to recognise whatever your have flown in your logbook. Dumb, dumb, dumb. The letter I wrote to three board reps is attached, I am still really angry that the Ops manual was never put to the membership for comment and improvemen
  12. October 1922, Sir Sefton Brancker, Director of Civil Aviation,: "We have two immediate ends to attain in connection with navigation: 1.Eliminate engine trouble 2.Perfect the wireless. Both are possible - and quite soon."
  13. That's very neat. Did you make it yourself, or if not, where did you get it made? And how much did it cost to make? dodo
  14. I think anyone with a Jab engine or an interest in the process has left or is leaving this Rotax thread
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