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  1. Time Left: 1 day and 1 hour

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    Contact Rob 0407165033 or Howard 0466 983 105 Fully enclosed trailer or mobile hangar for Aircraft with removable side extensions to fit the aircraft wings. The side extensions fit inside the trailer for easy transport. Perfect for Airports, Bush strips, Acreage, Farms, and your mates Rural air strip. Very sturdy construction with tandem axles. Currently located at Caboolture airport. The tail gate doubles as a ramp for quick and easy Aircraft access and removal in a few short minutes from lock up. Length 5900 to fit the fuselage. Inside Width 2430 to fit the tail plane. Total assembled Width 9240 to fit the wingspan. Great investment, save on hangar rent. Will listen to near offers.


    Brisbane, Queensland - AU

  2. This advert is COMPLETED!

    • FOR SALE
    • USED - GOOD

    Hand held included. Charger Manual Aerial


    Brisbane, Queensland - AU

  3. This advert is COMPLETED!

    • FOR SALE
    • USED - GOOD

    Model H10 - 30


    Bracken Ridge, Queensland - AU

  4. Thanks BP Bought a new one from Mikunioz, solved my problem.
  5. Still flying Mark, I think during the week YCAB would have to be one of the most deserted airfields except for those helicopters. They must be nice folk though as they always give me a radio check.
  6. Thanks M61.. will chase them up.
  7. Any one with a new Mikuni pulse pump for Single Carby (503 Rotax) laying around they wish to sell? Thanks ----Howe ---0466 983 105
  8. Thanks Bex No hurry, if he was after a single seat I have a Kestrel which I have been working on, nearly a done.
  9. Yes Damiens, Both sports can bite you if you get it wrong, so far no injuries, flying since 1980 kite surfing since 2007,just bought a foil, waiting for spring.
  10. So my perfect day would be a fly on floats in AM and a kite surf PM Basically flying and kite surfing are a perfect match, except a bad float landing is a whole lot worse than a bad kite jump, but you still gotta get the flare right in both.
  11. These are a good alternative to hiring.
  12. Dotmar plastics, believe they have a branch in most capital cities and do 1.5 mm
  13. Jack, I know of 2 kestrels that may be of interest and fit your criteria, similar to mine (photo) but on wheels. PM me if interested.
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