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  1. It's Phil who can't tell the wheat from the chaff. The report does not identify the crop, although it does suggest that Phil's airfield is just a field.
  2. Yes, horse-drawn vehicles were still in common use in the early 50's. Not everyone could afford a car. An interesting thing is the phonetic alphabet in use. I was disappointed that no light aircraft were shown, apart from Tigers doing ag work.
  3. This is how aviation was fostered in the early 1950's. Interesting to see the war surplus Ansons and DC-3's as aerial workhorses. Who'd a thought Tooraweenah would be an aviation hub? Butler Air Transport made it so. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Butler_Air_Transport
  4. How do I stop getting emails when people post a reply on threads I have started, or when I'm quoted?
  5. Yenn, The airfield is on the floodplain of the Mulwarre, so putting up any sort of building - residential or industrial, is not likely, the airport is on the opposite side of the Hume Hwy from the city making it harder to reach than other available parts of the city. Fortunately for the critically ill, there is a good sports field adjacent to Goulburn Hospital if medivac is required.
  6. old man emu

    old man emu

  7. This is an item I wrote a few years ago which was hard to upload due to the limitations of the forum. Old Man Emu A Practical Guide to Rib Lacing using the Modified Seine Knot.pdf
  8. If I wanted to fly to Cairns for a holiday, I would want to land at Cairns. Atherton is an hour and a half drive from Cairns, and Mareeba an hour. The amount of money I would spend during my stay in Cairns would be the same as the next Aussie visitor, so there's some money and part of a job that these airport leeches have cost the city.
  9. You can't copy MRs for VH registered aircraft as each form is numbered for tracing purposes. Copied ones are OK for RAAus registered aircraft.
  10. What's so great about that? My Park Flyer was doing the same the first time I tried to flew one.
  11. My bad! I formatted that post badly, and have tried to make my point clearer. I was using the example of rust on a prop shaft to indicate that something out of the ordinary, which in the mind of the observer could be a safety issue, is worth reporting. If investigation shows that all it involved was dirt, then the matter can be finalised, and Life moves on. When investigating a failure in any system, one should always go from "worst case scenario" to the expected. For example, if a person's body was found in a park, the first assumption investigators would make is that the person was murdered. By investigating the body and the surrounds, the final deduction as to cause of death might be that the person simply died of natural causes.
  12. Do they still teach minimum ground roll take-off techniques?
  13. For one thing, it's only CASA which can strip a person of their authority to maintain aircraft or aircraft components - not an employer. All an employer can do is cease to give permission to the person to carry out this type of work. Secondly, CAR aside, WH&S legislation demands that any person who has concerns that any situation could result in harm to any person, must report the situation to a person who can investigate and determine if the situation requires corrective action. Under WH&S legistlation If there is knowledge that rust on a prop shaft could possible result in failure of the shaft and consequent harm, then the person who observed if is legally bound to report it. Once reported, it is the responsibility of the person to whom it was reported to investigate and take appropriate action.
  14. I can see a fingerprint on the polished aluminium! Beautiful work!
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