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  1. old man emu

    Alternate organisation...deafening silence

    This from the Australian Law Reform Commission. https://www.alrc.gov.au/sites/default/files/pdfs/publications/ip46_ch_12._strict_or_absolute_liability.pdf
  2. old man emu

    Were the Wright Brothers in Newton's camp?

    This is from NASA: https://wright.nasa.gov/airplane/warp.html Question: What is the perceived advantage of this new generation of wing warping technology, what are barriers to its adoption, and how practicable is it for it to trickle down to general aviation? Answer: A warped wing or a morphing airfoil, shows significant improvement in lift to drag ratio and in decreasing the overall drag of the vehicle. Depending on the specific technology many of the components are internal which has several benefits (decreased drag, increased life span) and with advancing technology and research the power consumption and additional weight of these components has been significantly reduced. In the world of UAS's morphing wings have been show in some cases to increase stall AoA by 8 degrees or more (see Membrane Wing-Based Micro Air Vehicles) The complexity of analyzing morphing wings and airfoils however can present a challenge, as now there is significantly more fluid structure interaction, requiring solvers with more capabilities, or an increase in experimental data. Large scale implementation is currently underway (see NASA Successfully Tests Shape-Changing Wing for Next Generation Aviation or Morphing Wing Passes Test, Business Jet Flew Concept Years in Making) and in a aerospace world that is concerned about improvements to develop faster and more efficient vehicles this technology holds some appeal.
  3. old man emu

    Were the Wright Brothers in Newton's camp?

    If a man does something, but a woman has not seen him doing it, is he still wrong?
  4. old man emu


    Run out of credit? That's what kids say when they don't call to let you know where they are. 🙄
  5. old man emu

    Alternate organisation...deafening silence

    If ELAAA Pty Ltd is a private company which wants to be a SAO, how would it differ from RAAus in its financial operations? ELAAA Pty Ltd would still charge for its services. I think that it is time for the proletariat to revolt. Overthrow the Empire of CASA and re-establish the Department of Civil Aviation physically connected to Parliament. Having the control of aviation by an Authority that is at arm's length from parliamentary control has flown us into the Cumulogranitis.
  6. old man emu

    Were the Wright Brothers in Newton's camp?

    What about Ricahrd Pearse from New Zealand? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Richard_Pearse http://www.billzilla.org/pearce.htm
  7. old man emu

    Were the Wright Brothers in Newton's camp?

    In the late 1890s and early 1900s, progress towards obtaining heavier-than-air controlled and sustained flight was approaching the Winning Post in many countries. Most of the work was being done by lone experimenters in back sheds in isolated villages. Most successful initial flights were not recorded, but the Wrights were able to get a report of their flights into newspapers the next day. It was a case of the first to announce gets the prize. This story is a bit wrong in that it says that flights on the first day reached 3 miles. https://chroniclingamerica.loc.gov/lccn/sn85038615/1903-12-19/ed-1/seq-5/#words=fly+flight+Wilbur+WRIGHT+flying+airship+Wright+Orville+Flight+AIRSHIP+brothers&date1=1900&date2=1905&searchType=advanced&sequence=&proxdistance=5&rows=20&ortext=wilbur+orville+flight+flying+airship&proxtext=&phrasetext=&andtext=wright+brothers&dateFilterType=yearRange&page=1&index=6 This one reports the first flight in the Wrights' words. https://chroniclingamerica.loc.gov/lccn/sn83045366/1904-01-06/ed-1/seq-1/#words=fly+flight+Brothers+WRIGHT+flying+Orville+Wright+flights+AIRSHIP+Wilbur&date1=1900&date2=1905&searchType=advanced&sequence=1&proxdistance=5&rows=20&ortext=wilbur+orville+flight+flying+airship&proxtext=&phrasetext=&andtext=wright+brothers&dateFilterType=yearRange&index=0
  8. old man emu

    Were the Wright Brothers in Newton's camp?

    I think you are correct. I would imagine that for ailerons to operate effectively, you would need a higher airspeed than the Wrights thought that they would be able to reach.
  9. old man emu

    Were the Wright Brothers in Newton's camp?

    One has to remember that most advances in mechanisation in the 19th Century were the products of the Practical Man (Homo sapiens var. knucklii barkant). The Wright Brothers' method was empirical. They theorised; tested their theories by experimentation and utilised the best results of those experiments. The Brothers were no doubt fully conversant with the works of Sir George Cayley who identified much of the basics of aeronautics and published them in his work "On Aerial Navigation" (around 1809/10). The thing to keep in mind about the Wright Brothers was that their contribution to flight was the development of a means to control the rolling motion of an aeroplane. Cayley had already worked out pitch and yaw control nearly one hundred years before. It would be interesting to discover why they adopted wing warping for roll control when the function of the aileron had been known for many decades before they started building aeroplanes. As for the value of attending a University, I is unlikely that what later came to be called aeronautical science would have been part of a formal engineering degree in the 1890s. Academics might have considered flight by Man more of a mythical topic than a practical one. Also, anyone who is engaged in a new field of Science knows that what is delivered in a course dealing with the field lags behind the most recent knowledge by several years. If Orville had gone to Yale, December 3, 1903 would have been a Thursday like any other previous December 3.
  10. old man emu

    Engaging Carby Heat

    Why take off with "Carby - Cold"? It comes back to the effects of Density Altitude on engine performance. Increasing the temperature of the air, by using carby heat, reduces its density. Less dense air means less air passing through the carby venturi, lessening the relative pressure between the venturi tube and the float bowl. Less pressure in the venturi tube means less suck of fuel from the float bowl. Less fuel means a weaker power output in the cylinder. Also, less dense air means less O2 per intake of air into the cylinder of air. Less O2 per intake stroke of air means that the Chemically Correct air/fuel mixture will not be reached. This means less effective fuel burn in the cylinder; which means less pressure on the piston top; which means less force on the crankshaft; which means less torque; which means less work from the propeller. PLEASE NOTE: I have been careful to use the term "fuel burn" to describe the combustion of the fuel/air mixture in the cylinder. Abandon the old description of the Otto Cycle as Suck; Squeeze; Bang; Blow. In an efficient engine the sequence is Suck; Squeeze; Burn; Blow. If you have "Bang", you have detonation and an engine on its way to falure.
  11. old man emu

    Rib Lacing using the Modified Seine Knot

    This is an item I wrote a few years ago which was hard to upload due to the limitations of the forum. Old Man Emu A Practical Guide to Rib Lacing using the Modified Seine Knot.pdf
  12. Here's an interesting video dealing with the use of carby heat. The points to be taken from it are the need to know the path that the air travels before it gets to the carby, and what happens to the temperature of the air as it travels that path. The video also highlights important differences between engine management in a PA-28 and a C-150/172, normally aspirated engine. It shows the necessity of a thorough knowledge of the content of the POH. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f4lwLffGEkA
  13. Looks like Barnes Wallis' application to Vickers-Armstrong bombers in WWll has been pushed onwards. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Geodetic_airframe
  14. old man emu


    Fair enough.
  15. old man emu

    Home, home on the mange

    Actually, I'm happy with the involvement of CAL in regenerating the riparian environment of the Nepean River which forms one of the boundaries of the airport. CAL and community bodies have been rooting out the olive trees and replanting the cleared areas with environmentally appropriate native vegetation. Apart from returning the near-bank areas of the Nepean to their pre-European condition, clearing the olives will reduce the numbers of Bell Birds in the area. "Whoa!", you say. "You can't destroy the habitat of Native birds!" Well, in this case you can - to a degree. It seems that one type of Bell Bird, the Crested Bell Bird [ Oreoica gutturalis ] [ http://www.birdsinbackyards.net/species/Oreoica-gutturalis ] is driving out the birds who eat the sap-sucking parasites of eucalyptus trees, such as the Bell Bird Miner [ http://www.birdsinbackyards.net/species/Manorina-melanophrys ] As a result, eucalyptus forests are suffering from 'die-back' which is a result of the death of the trees' upper canopy leaves due to the sap-sucking insects increasing in number because the Bell Bird Minor is one of the birds being driven off. http://www.abc.net.au/worldtoday/content/2004/s1200578.htm John Macarthur and Family introduced the African Olive [ Olea europaea subsp. cuspidata ] [https://weeds.dpi.nsw.gov.au/Weeds/Details/4 ] as a plant to create field boundaries as they existed in England. The plant had no competitors or attackers. Its small edible fruits are eaten by birds and animals and the seeds are spread in excreta. The plant thrives in the local climate and, because of its dense foliage, shades out native plants and grasses. This plant, left to grow unchecked, has smothered large areas of Sydney's Cumberland Plain vegetation. It has met its Waterloo, however, in the wholesale denuding of the Cumberland Plain by those bent on the creation of residential utopias. Ironically, if Macarthur had brought the European Olive [ Olea europaea ] from the Mediterranean, instead of the African Olive, The Sydney Region would have become a major producer of olive oil. In some parts of the hills surrounding Camden, orchardists are growing European olives successfully and producing world class oils.