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  1. Yes. There are the extremities that operate in different time zones. Norfolk Island UTC + 11, Cocos Islands UTC + 6:30, but compared to the population of continental Australia, the populations of these places are minuscule. Norfolk Island 1748 residents, Cocos Island approximately 600 residents. A single time zone for Australia would hardly impose problems on these places. The other argument has been related to the North-South differences in length of day. That is a fact that no amount of juggling with clock settings can alter.
  2. Obviously in the situation where persons need to be extricated from wreckage, that overrides all other considerations, but if no one is in the wreckage, and fire has not started, stand guard and don't douse things unless fire breaks out. If you are dealing with an aircraft, you could turn the fuel cock to "OFF", as long as that action was reported to investigators. But are volunteer fire fighters taught where to look for fuel cocks in aircraft?
  3. Excuse me if my comment irked you. But it comes from attending road and aircraft crashes over a period of 28 years where fire fighters have jumped the gun and carried out fire fighting actions when fire was not present. Stand-by in case of fire - yes, by all means. But don't spread foam, or cut battery cables without the approval of those whose job and training it is to investigate the cause of incidents. Firies aren't called Evidence Eradication Teams without prior cause. I fully endorse the use of any tool to preserve life, but once that task is completed, stand down.
  4. I agree that this is a possible solution in theory, but in practice it is hard to successfully drill through the head unless you have a bench press drill and some very high grade twist drills. You would have to use a Numbered Drill in the 60 to 67 range. Again, quite correct. Wrap the wire around the tubing of the frame and secure the bolt. But in this case, the design of the mount permits it
  5. At the other end of the stick, at least 98% of pilot/passenger fatalities involved an aircraft in all stages of flight. The other 2% accounts for walking into propellers or jet blast, and similar incidents when the aircraft was not involved in flight.
  6. Probably used the jaws-of-life to get to the fuel tank.
  7. Yes, you can make a statistic out of two incidents. The statistic just won't have much meaning, unless it's used for wool pulling.
  8. There isn't a hole drilled in the head of the bolts to thread a wire through. If you could drill a hole in the bolt head, you would have to run the safety wire around a post of the frame to have something to tie off against. I doubt if high strength Loctite would keep the bolt fixed as perhaps the Loctite would soften due to the hot environment of the engine bay.
  9. I'm saying that we should do daylight saving in winter because there are plenty of hours of daylight in summer. But discussing daylight saving is drifting off the track of this thread. It is about having only one time zone for the country based on the 135th meridian, being UTC +9 hrs.
  10. Marty, $US6.61 is cheap for any decent bolt of the dimensions you require. Like the control cables, don't risk your life for a few dollars.
  11. Marty, An M10 bolt is 0.393 inches, which is a poofteenth thicker than a 3/8" (AN6) bolt. 110mm = 4.33", or 4-3/8 An AN6-47 will do the job. 35 mm = 1.377, or 1-3/8 An AN6-20 will do the job. You can quite safely use an AN bolt of the closest diameter to the metric one IF the fit you require is not close tolerance. If you really want to be pedantic, get some Imperial drills and drill your holes to suit the AN bolts you get. Use this chart to identify the type of bolt you are buying if you are buying metric. https://www.boltdepot.com/fastener-information/materials-and-grades/bolt-grade-chart.aspx
  12. Here's a table showing sunrise and sunset times for the major cities on the shortest day of the year. The first two columns show what we are working with now. The fourth and fifth columns show the same times, but in UTC (GMT). The last two columns show what sunrise and sunset would be if we set out time according to the meridian that passed closest to the centre line of the continent (135E). If we advanced our clocks for winter, instead of summer, then sunrise would be around 7:00 for everyone, except WA, which could choose to stay at UTC +8 and wake up with the rest of us. It would put sunset before the usual close of business for financial institutions, but our English mates put up with going to work and coming home in the dark during winter.
  13. This caused me to do a double-take Analysis by the Australian Transport Safety Bureau (ATSB) has found that community service flights conducted by charity Angel Flight Australia have a fatal accident rate more than seven times higher than other private flights. This looks to me to be lying with statistics. I can't quite explain my suspicion, but to collect data based only on the motivation for a flight and compare that data with data for flights having different motivations seems dodgy. What is the accident rate of $100 hamburger flights compared to that for flights to or from air shows? What about comparing the accident rate for Sunday afternoon local area flights with water bore inspection flights?
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