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  1. Ian, What is your response to "non-competitive" advertising in header banners or side bars?
  2. Have a look at the damage pattern on the outboard leading edge. That's clearly where the wing impacted the tree. I would have expected some sort of circular dent in the main spar, but the speed of the aircraft when it contacted the tree must have been relatively low - possibly towards the end of the landing roll. That would be enough to cause the plane to rotate around the point of contact, and maybe the wing spar failed at its attachment point. I'd love to see photos of the wing spar attachment and the end of the spar. Maybe the damage could be traced to https://www.federalregister.gov/documents/2018/12/21/2018-27577/airworthiness-directives-piper-aircraft-inc-airplanes It seems this plane has been working hard.
  3. This is the advice I was given from a person who runs a digital marketing business. He said that "non-competitive" advertising should occur on the site. Like most of you, I objected to that on the basis that I absolutely hate my use of the 'Net being distracted by pop-up ads and the like. His response was that the advertising could be located as a banner across the top of the page, or in the column on the left of the page, underneath the navigation bar. If the ads were delivered in these places, they would not interfere with viewing the rest of the page. 'Non-competitive" advertising on a forum site is advertisements for goods and services that do not compete with the content of the site. For example, Ian has the Pilot Shop. Therefore, any ads for other pilot supply providers would not appear. It is also possible for the site owner to specify other sorts of ads that could not appear, such a porn or gambling ads. If ads were permitted and displayed unobtrusively, there would be a steady trickle of money to support the site. Remember that a penny earned is a penny saved.
  4. The OP did not say anything about the fact that the manufacturer allowed for movement as a normal condition. Therefore, I can see why anti-seize is specified by the manufacturer. In that case, don't use silicone sealant (although it is somewhat flexible after it has set.
  5. Don't anti-seize and high temperature silicone do different jobs? The goal of anti-seize is to prevent threads in bolts from "rusting on" to the threads of their nuts. The use of anti-seize is aimed at enabling the unscrewing of the nut if the components held by the nut have to be disassembled. One place that anti seize is useful is on the threads of spark plugs. If the desire is to prevent the nut from undoing, then a thread lock solution is used. Silicone sealants so just that they are called - seal gaps. The gaps might be microscopic, as between the faces of tow machined parts, or macroscopic as in the case of sealing an exhaust pipe leak. Anti-seize won't do the best job of permanently sealing a gap. In fact, it might be better to use a muffler sealant like this one https://441py33rout1ptjxn2lupv31-wpengine.netdna-ssl.com/wp-content/uploads/tech_docs/tds/80335.pdf
  6. My old apprentice master taught me to use Resorcinol when constructing wooden airframe assemblies, but that was years ago, and glue technology, like everything else has progressed. Now we have the two-part epoxy glues and the straight from the glue pot polyurethanes. I'm not going near PVA glues. Resorcinol is a 2-part glue, making high strength bonds, but is not gap filling. Since it is not gap filling the contact surfaces to be glued together have to be near perfectly fitting, which means that cutting of mating parts has to be as close to perfect as possible, and the parts have to be clamped hard during curing. Here's some info about its pros and cons: https://www.christinedemerchant.com/adhesive-glue-resorcinol.html Epoxy is also a 2-part glue, making high strength bonds and is gap filling. As with Resorcinol, the two components must be mixed in the correct proportions for complete setting of the glue compound. The strength of bond formed is dependent on the formulation of the resin and hardener - probably the factor which affects the price. Since epoxies are gap-filling, the accuracy of fit of components is not as critical as with Resorcinol, however, moderate clamping of the joints is necessary to reduce the width of the gap. Polyurethane is a one-part glue, making strong bonds, but a good gap filler. It is not as strong as epoxy in wood-to-wood joints, but making bonds that are stronger than the wood. Like epoxies, the formulation can be dictated by price. Apart from the need to have close-fitting joints, care must be taken to prevent foaming of the glue which occurs in damp conditions. Although the foam might appear to be filling gaps, the glue joint is weaker than where the glue has not foamed. Here's some guff 'n' stuff about polyurethanes https://www.christinedemerchant.com/adhesive-glue-polyurethane.html So, what type of glue would you recommend now for airframe construction?
  7. As my old carpentry teacher taught me, "In glue and dust We place our trust. If that don't work, The putty must." Although the bloke who believes in doing the job right would follow Facthunter's advice.
  8. Anti-seize????? Why don't you use high temperature gasket sealant? I use it on the joints on my bike's exhaust, even where the exhaust pipe slips into the cylinder. Admittedly, this engine does not have an exhaust manifold, but the sealant has not been weakened by the heat it is exposed to.
  9. Didn't the other pilots at Mangalore talk about this site? If you are happy with the content, camaraderie etc, why not put the word around amongst those who don't know about it? That's one big way to increase activity.
  10. As long as it's on your To Do list, we'll wait. I trust the Moderators here are like me and jump on spam as soon as possible. I especially despise those posts advertising false official documents. I don't want a Senior ATPL licence for 1000 rupee. (when we see it we do. If one doesn't get it another does in time......mod)
  11. Watchit! Talk like that could start a revolution. Imagine the electors knowing what goes on behind closed doors, unlit car parks and other hidden spaces.
  12. I'm with PMc here. I log in to the two sites at least three times a day and find the absence of that feature disappointing. But don't get too upset about the activity on site. I just had a look at a USA motorcycle site I am a member of. There haven't been any new posts in the section I follow since 28 November. Admittedly most of the members are from the Northern Hemisphere and have put their bikes into storage for the winter, but a lot must still be tinkering in their workshops getting ready for their next summer, so questions must arise.
  13. Lord, what fools these mortals be, To believe in Mammon's honesty.
  14. Good to see that the relationship remains amicable!
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