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  1. I've told you before! Blondes are no longer the butt of dumb jokes. Now the joke is on Millennials. But I suppose you could have a blonde Millennial.
  2. Facthunter was correct. The gearbox of the Rotax does have an inspection schedule set by the manufacturer. You would be surprised at the accuracy that can be achieved by skilled machinists. The problem engineers had up till relatively recently was getting over the poor metallurgical properties of the materials they were using. Now engineers have access to ceramic coatings, more suitable alloys and such. You could build a 4-cylinder copy of a Lycoming or Continental that was a whole lot lighter and more efficient than their usual products.
  3. Because I went there to pick up twelve people plus luggage from a cruise ship. Left home about 6:40 and got to the Quay at 8:30. For some reason there was extra traffic on the back roads. Return trip only took an hour.
  4. I reckon that an aero engine should be built on the KISS principle. The simpler it is, the less there is to go wrong. The advances on aero engine design should be directed at weight reduction; efficient combustion; heat dispersal.
  5. First rule of travelling by road in Sydney: Don't use motorways. I have to go to Circular Quay tomorrow morning to be there by about 8:00 am. Leave Camden area about 6:30. M5 to Heathcote Road. Heathcote Rd to Milperra Rd near Bankstown airport. Milpera Rd/Canterbury Rd to Hurlestone Park. Old Canterbury Rd to the Western Distributor. Over Anzac Bridge, down past Darling Harbour to Walsh Bay. Be there by 8:00. No sweat.
  6. The specs for the engine say that it has a compression ratio of 8:1, yet they say to tun it on 100LL. At that compression ration, there's more than CO2 and water going out the exhaust pipe. I can't give a source for this graph, but is seems to be one commonly used in the "Which octane rating for my compression ratio?" discussions As you can see, an engine with an 8:1 compression ratio should operate OK on 84 octane fuel. Since the lowest you can get at a pump is unleaded 91 octane, that should be OK in this engine. What I don't like about published engine specs is that they only ever state the maximum horsepower and the RPM at which that is achieved. You can calculate torque if you know the horsepower at a given RPM using the formula: T(lbf.ft)= k x HP(lbf.ft/min)/( RPM) Where k is the unit-less constant 5252 So, if the engine produces 100 HP @ 2900 RPM then. T = (5252.100)/2900 T = 181 lbf.ft (or in metrics 245 N.m) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fgLNO3ThGD4 The question an operator wants answered is who much torque does my engine need to produce to operate my propeller efficiently?
  7. And if it's a private pilot, Mickey's big hand is on ....
  8. You won't be training or operating out of Bankstown when Western Sydney Airport opens. It took me an hour and a half to get to Bankstown from Camden last Wednesday morning, and I know ways to avoid most of the traffic.
  9. PT, If you want to continue your flight training in that type of aircraft, get yourself down to Camden Airport and talk to Curtis Aviation. If you want to train in RAAus types, you could see Gostner Aviation at Camden, or make your way a few Ks further out to The Oaks where there are a couple of RAAus schools. The benefit of flying out of either of these two places is that you don't have to taxi for miles to get to the runway, and you are in the training area as soon as you leave the circuit. More learning for each dollar spent.
  10. The first aviation book I read was I Flew for the Fuhrer by Heinz Knoke. It is written in diary form and follows Heinz from his youth in the city of Hamlin through to the end of the war. I still have that book, minus the cover.
  11. I see no problem with people posting their opinions. As TP said, we are often pretty much on the money. Also if someone posts an opinion that is based on a misunderstanding of aircraft performance factors in all their various guises, then there are others capable to pointing to the right direction. Just as long as differences in opinion don't lead to slinging matches. Polite, reasonable debate is always welcomed.
  12. He is guided by OzRunways on his eyePad
  13. Starting his blind landing a bit early.
  14. Sqn Ldr Cadwgawn Gwakhmai Battle Glory Hawk of the battle.