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  1. Aeropup


    Hi Nev my replys on this forum are restricted due to not being an official advertiser (something I am considering) you can continue through my website if you like, There will be some weight increase agreed but estimates are that it won't impact the MTOW significantly and a steerable nose wheel is the preference I am considering MTOW may be increased to 600kg under LSA which is another step I may take as well as it complies to LSA rules. regards John
  2. Aeropup


    Hi Nev it would not be a problem, due to it being similar to the Gazelle and the reduction of the Tailwheel and spring, bearing in mind that the Jabiru 4 cly version needs a bit extra wt on the nose anyway it works out very well, the Rotax 912 is the perfect wt and with the nosewheel it could be easily compensated for simply by battery placement Hope this helps Rgds John
  3. Aeropup

    AEROPUP update

    Hi to all Aeropup and Supapup owners Please update your current details to me if anything has changed or you have sold or bought your plane, as planes change hands I would like the current owner's details on hand. thanks for your cooperation Regards John Cotton
  4. Aeropup


    Hi all, the nose wheel version is still under consideration, and could be implemented for firm orders, there is no problem with doing it, just that nobody has committed to one so I am surprised at the lack of interest in the nose wheel version so I am hesitant about investing the $ to do it right now considering the GFC situation. regards John Cotton
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