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  1. GoFly at Caboolture have a Tecnam P92 that is nice to fly, very forgiving and similar to a Jabiru - also some very good instructors and great locations to fly to.
  2. Hi Stewy, I've been using RGIB (Rural & General Insurance Brokers) for the last two years, found them good to deal with. Aviation policy underwritten by Swiss Re which is one of the biggest. Cheers, Dave
  3. swatted a passing flying fox with his famous white hat, which then was in dire need of cleansing......
  4. I found GoFly to be excellent, strong emphasis on developing flying skills, safety and maintenance. Did my conversion to Savannah there last year, Caboolture is a good location and some good nav exercises possible from there.
  5. Thanks everyone for that advice, my latest weight and balance figures are well within limits. I will do the theoretical calculations first as suggested.
  6. Greetings! I'm fairly new to all of this, and have fitted a new 3 blade prop to my Savannah recently. Previously it had a 4 blade Brolga prop. I've noticed that the plane now tends to be a little nose heavy and less sensitive to trim adjustment. My battery is mounted inside the small rear door and I wondered about putting some additional weight there to shift the C of G back a bit. Does anyone have any advice? Many thanks, Dave
  7. Hi, my name is Dave Gillieson and I am new to both flying and this forum. I own a Savannah VG based at Atherton and look forward to many hours flying around the Tablelands and further afield.
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