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  1. An Ex-Cyclone that reached only category one (lowest strength) for less than 12 hours travelled from North Queensland all the way to the South of Australia to exit New South Wales near Tasmania and wreaking chaos and breaking records along the way. Maryborough and Hervey Bay were just two towns of many, caught in the quiet little monsters path.
  2. AT YOUR OWN RISK - NOT RECOMMENDED! What do you guys think of this! Similar video: Airplane 50 feet 210 degree low alt. emergency turning back: [media] ----------------------------------- Emergency landing practice of airplane engine failure during take off. If the altitude is above 100 feet (cca. 30 meters) we turn back the airplane and land in tail wind. If the altitude is not enough we must find a clear landing area in front of us. (eg. emergency landing area at the end of the airfiled) When we realize the fact of engine failure immediately have to push the plane into gliding slope position to maintain the necessary airspeed and start the turning. Disclaimer: This is a dangerous maneuver! DO NOT TRY IT! USE AT YOUR OWN RISK!
  3. In this weeks video I design and show you how to make a simple and cheap but effective gopro Swivel tilt mount. i also demonstrate it's convenience. There are many other videos about flying, cars plus more for you to view too. New creative and better content coming weekly! Come check them out
  4. Hi Scott, I heard before Christmas something very interesting.... But time will tell. 1. First though - you are right. Less flying seems to be the council agenda - wouldn't want to promote possible business and tourism opportunity around here. 2. The new fuel bowser was out of action but 'should' be working again now - AvGas. 3. The Maryborough airport is a historical WW2 training site - it can not or will not (or will it?) be removed or developed. Now the big one... 4. Blocks were being sold as an airpark on the opposite side of the runway from the hangers - but this is now not the case. Allegedly, the reason being that the Federal Government stepped in and told the local council they cannot sell or use this land this way as it was not 'theirs' to sell/use - it is Federal, and it will stay as it is! What a joke and waste of tax payers money - again.
  5. Hi All - We are trying to track down this plane and owner - Your assistance would be very appreciated. Savannah reg 19-7747. Maybe get him to contact me here. Thank you!
  6. After chasing down some information, it turns out the camping area is no longer free, you must be fully self sufficient (toilet shower water supply etc), and therefore camping in tents is prohibited. There goes the idea of a fly-in weekend, but I will keep looking at options. I fly a trike in and out of Maryborough - no sign of a Landing fee as yet.
  7. "MARYBOROUGH WILL BE BACK ON THE MAP." Hi Ironpot. My trike lives at YMYB, and I try to fly weekly. The fuel was very recently recommissioned and is yet to be discovered by many pilots. (Only Avgas unfortunately). Facilities also include free camping area at the airport, toilets next to the exit entry gate, a takeaway shop across the road, and a short walk to town. Mogas is just up the road at BP. Taxis are available too of course. I have recently became our Aeroclub Club Captain, and am in charge of advising members of fly-ins and activities to entertain our aviating passions. An idea I am currently hatching is an annual long weekend (Labour weekend?) camping fly-in to YMYB, where you can camp 1 or 2 days, fly the area around Fraser etc, and enjoy others company. The aero club may even be keen to cater a dinner evening and cooked breakfast. Thoughts and comments anyone? As a recreational pilot, I have not yet received a landing fee, but GA may be different. See map attached for more info.
  8. Shouldn't that read - the less viscous the easier it flows.
  9. If and when the oil cooler is installed with inlet/outlet down opposing the Rotax recommendation, how would you get rid of an air-lock in the cooler, and prevent gases building up in the top of it?
  10. Ring Terry and Jo at Narromine Tourist Park at the airport. They might be able to help. All the best.
  11. You should see/count how many of the new (approved) airpark lots have been sold in Maryborough over the last few years.........'0'. Maybe that was how Council 'was' hoping to get some coin but isn't. And hanger lot leasing and associated costs are quite prohibitive too - the thing is the airport including Hervey Bay are both very short on hangerage! As a result there is no enthusiasm or incentive to build any with earnings potential. Still waiting for the so called approved fuel installation too which is happening by the end of this month?? We all know only 2 things are certain in life- death and taxes - not necessarily in that order. The future is always uncertain, makes it hard to plan ahead doesn't it ....Rant off......
  12. Didn't see it turn any corners ;-) But very arty design.
  13. We flew in to the airshow on Saturday morning. Here is video of the days events. Enjoy.
  14. Part 1...Top of the World. A series of three epic episodes takes us to scenic country with friends having too much fun. You should subscribe immediately so you don't miss the following episodes. You really must see what comes next as the day becomes more spectacular with each episode! . Our ultimate destination is one of the two highest terrains in the area.
  15. My trike is in a competition to be bought. Watch video for the rules and details.
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