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  1. It can be done. I looked at Sport Av's Eurofoxes- both for endorsements. It's my 2m that really causes issues. I have flown a 160C 2 up on a 40 degree day, was pretty impressed by its performance. Cheers Kev
  2. Don, The injected VW you had was what prompted my direction. I gather the VP finally succumbed to the weather? You managing to fly out of anywhere nearby atm? Powerin, My initial thoughts are that the rotary valve is nothing different to a 'normal' inlet valve, but my past experience leads me to believe there may be other timing events to be considered. The motor is a Mod 90 with oil injection, so that side is taken care of. It now carries GSXR1000 throttle bodies (to set these up in a dimentional sense). The bings will go back on for baseline, and initial pipe, work. I'm aiming
  3. Thread from the dead......... As part of my pre-retirement therapy, I'm in the process of designing a 200 kw engine dyno. I have some mule ford and holden 6's that will initially be abused, leading into work on an EFI VW, and a 360 hr 582. Searching for EFI on a 582 has not been very fruitful. If anybody out there has knowledge of this conversion or ideas on feasibility, I'd be happy to hear them. Cheers Kevin
  4. The GR's I've tried have the quadrant mounted below the lower panel bar, and are right where my left knee would comfortably be........ otherwise, they're pretty much perfect. Got out to Sportaviation at Tocumwal on the w/e, tried on the Eurofox....... fitted even better than a Lightwing, but there's a fair few dollars in them. Will be good to train on, though. Kevin
  5. Riley, It was the VW one that I was doing my due diligence on....... unfortunately I won't be able to get to Perth until my daughter graduates- mid December........ I fit in the Lightwings generally (tried on a couple of 912's), just that damned throttle is an issue! Cheers Kevin
  6. So roughly, how do things pan out with: A newby and taildragger Lightwing; or A newby and taildragger scratch- built? Cheers Kevin
  7. As a matter of interest, are all the early frames the same size in the cockpit area?
  8. I would have thought Temora would be a pretty good base? But anyway, what's wrong with Canberra? From a flying pov, I can understand; independence wise, I'd have thought it was ideal (except a proximity to CASA issue?). Cheers Kevin
  9. Nice to put a name and face together. I will own a GR one day, although I reckon the VW one in WA has my name on it............ Only 1 small item, put the throttle quadrant above the bar, please Howie? Cheers Kevin
  10. I had the scanner on 124.5 yesterday arvo, a controller was asking what their ICAO designation was, pretty sure they came back with EC30. Of course, may have been a different aircraft....... Cheers Kevin
  11. Hmmmmm, judging by the swastika, my bet goes on the Greenies........ I'm probably biased though, given their history with the WRC round.........
  12. Guys/ Gals, As a relative newby, I'm a bit confused. And please don't beat me up with the 'search' line, I have tried a few different ones, as well as the RAA listings. I'd be too old to fly before managing to sort through it all and get a handle on it. My first understanding: The OWNER can make modifications to their home designed or built plane, and can use it to be trained in. My current understanding: The BUILDER only can make mods to their home designed or built plane, and only the BUILDER can use it for training. I ask as I've found a 19- scratchbuilt that would need some non
  13. I tried to get into the small Jab for sale down at Moruya. That was, ummmmm, interesting......... I'm trying to get in touch with Eddie at Tocumwal atm, if I go to Albury and Cobram I'll head over and try his Ef on.
  14. Matt, sort of, there have been a fair few changes in the aviation world since the mid- 90's when I did the majority of my GA. So I'm happy with any words that add to the picture. Dave I, I haven't purchased it yet, I'm in the process of due dilligence and hopefully taking a second look in the next couple of weeks. I would have the folding wing version in an instant. Alas, that's my retirement you're talking about! Love the tyres, one less thing to transport to the beach......... Which club/ school is at Lilydale? Any others with Efoxes? Cheers Kevin
  15. Metalman, are the Kitfox/ Gazelle/ Eurofox of similar dimensions inside? I know the Kitfox and Gazelle are.
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