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  1. All I would say is be careful entering the LSA category you will find unexpected hurdles if you buy a certified plane.
  2. Wilson, The reason I don’t go on this site any longer is because of guys like you who talk rubbish haven’t done the hours behind these motors and who havent experienced the problems and issues with these motors or the company. Why should you have to go and buy Jen 4 which l would like to say isn’t proven yet when l have got an existing six cylinder that should do the job which l paid for.
  3. Turbo, Don’t talk rubbish l have own 4 jabs one 4 cylinder never missed a beat and 3 6 cylinders 2 modified by Micheal Sharples and didn’t miss a beat and one certified built by Jabiru. I have done 1500 hrs behind These engines, l have had some great ones and a couple shit ones. My plane have always been serviced at 25 hr intervals and all the problems l have had over the years have been caused by jab covering their arse.
  4. What about al the other problems???
  5. Turboplanner, How sure are you that this plane wasn't the upgrade 170, not saying this was the course of the accident. But interested in your comments early that this plane didn't fly that well.
  6. Was this the jab 160 that hit the container and was repaired and had a upgrade to a 170
  7. Pilot and PAX OK. Jabiru 170 from Tooradin on a trip to Broken Hill had an engine failure 59NM south of Broken Hill. Failure of cylinder head bolts on number 4 cylinder. Fortunately were able to glide to a station private airstrip and landed without further damage to aircraft.
  8. Happy Christmas Greg!! xx
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