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  1. Is the strut all you need? I cant attach images also
  2. Make me an offer and advise where to send
  3. Hi Richard, Warwick here, how much are you after for the compass, I am in Broken Hill.
  4. Hi Sorry for your mishap. I have a damage Foxbat I am rebuilding. Complete written off. Replaced firewall, engine mount,floor etc. Replaced front and both rear suspensions completely. Now working on wings. Will make forms for the damaged ribs and manufacture the rear trailing edge. If I can be of help please ask. The cost of new parts very expensive. Quote for one wing $14k .can be repaired for less than $2k plus time.PM me if you like. Regards
  5. Have old compass Needs oil.TLC Advise some where to send Cheers
    1. facthunter


      Sorry Richard . I have no contacts in that area these days. DIY? Nev
  6. Richard

    Zenith 701

    Nearly complted 701,EA-81 powered, from a kit.Several built in WA Richard
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