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  1. We will be ripping around in battery powered VTOL recreation craft by then so wont need an airstrips. Landing pad with auto retracting dome hangar on the roof. Bewdiful!!
  2. I love to fly, on a normal week would get up at least twice a week and like others I am really missing it. I have the scope (arguably) to go for a fly but I choose not to because in the unlikely/unfortunate/random event that things go poorly I do not want to put emergency services under additional pressure. Even local police are flat out, hospitals, GPs, ambos, are going above and beyond anything they could have foreseen when they signed up. Not much else I can do to help except to stay out of the way and wait patiently for opportunities for us all to come back online. Its shit sa
  3. News reports today talking about a hospital crisis in WA with degrees of elective surgery cancelled and increasing ramping. No capacity to deal with COVID on top of what they already have and harder to run the spin cycle on an underfunded system.
  4. My kids go to a regional underfunded, under staffed high school in NSW, they are currently remote online learning and have one face to face video lesson each day as part of that. The system is delivering learning here albeit (understandably) at a reduced capacity unless you ask for more which is forthcoming when requested. As I touched on in a previous post, parental involvement is very important however I am aware not possible for many for various reasons. The lessons for my kids follow the same timetable, including recess and lunch, as a normal "at school" day.
  5. Kids education...f-%k! I have 3 teens. During lockdown material is distributed online and via post (to accommodate a disturbingly significant number of kids without internet or laptops). Learning material is targeted to the lowest denominator and this is largely true outside lockdown as well. My oldest boy is 15 and seeks out additional material to fill his day and we make sure he does. This young bloke was signed off with a RPC X Country and Pax endorsement at the age of 15 and 6 weeks of age a couple of months ago. He will be featured in the next sport pilot. My middle bloke is 13 and recen
  6. Not sure about Flightrights' thinking but maybe when you crash them they cost a lot??? Sorry lockdown fatigue !!!😂😂😂😂
  7. The impact of COVID lockdowns relating to clubs can be an issue. A club I am part of maintains its own strip and hangar, and is off grid. Our club confirmed that checks and maintenance on infrastructure are covered in NSW as a reasonable excuse to leave home for volunteer work which cannot be completed from home. Our club published a roster with a list of duties and put a COVID safety plan with QR scan in place. We have someone fulfil this role every 2 days or so and although we are all grounded at least our patch of heaven is being cared for as long as restrictions remain in place. Itching to
  8. https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/321243729579?epid=11017014888&hash=item4acb9e4eab:g:X8oAAOSwrmdTp7YV&frcectupt=true Very popular supplier of batteries especially the Odyssey 625
  9. Heard part of an interview on ABC Broken Hill today (missed old mates name) but he was promoting the races. He acknowledged significantly fewer small aircraft attending the event and town generally but the decline being more than made up for by bigger aircraft with more people and increased buses etc. The lack of small aircraft was of no consequence to the event and no question as to why the light aircraft were staying away. They couldn't give a flying ........
  10. Between Broken Hill and Tibooburra, Far West NSW, a gum creek with only a few gums!! Flying my Subaru powered Rosco Gyrocopter. Almost 6300 hours on this machine.
  11. B is the same as a $100 hamburger - it's never $100....not even close!!!
  12. Hi Ian, please check your messages.
  13. I've replaced my Jabiru beacon light with one from the same company that made the original. Cost $205usd delivered and fits straight in the Jab mount. It sits about an inch higher than the original due to a heat sink which (the company advises) will prevent them dying early like their predecessor. Works great. https://kestrobes.com/product-category/red-led-aircraft-beacon/
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