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  1. Broken Hill made the news yesterday for the flooding in the far west of NSW. 20mm in 15 minutes at the airport, more in other areas, so I went for a fly to check out the local vistas. Photo below is Stephens Creek (known as a gum creek as it it is the only place you find gum trees out here) North of the Tibooburra Road. The pic below is the Stephens Creek reservoir, which is the termination of the Menindee - Broken Hill water pipeline (100km long) which was replaced last year by the Wentworth - Broken Hill water pipeline (260km long),anyway probably only of interest to those who know the area.
  2. Has anyone used one of these to balance their prop? There is fluid in them with an explanation at the link below. Are they available in Australia? http://www.balancemasters.com/how-it-works.html
  3. I use oz runways and email the plan to 3 people if it is a long trip. I also text my wife the flight time and direction for local flights plus 30 minutes, and have a free tracking app on my phone which will shows her where I am in flight and on the ground. If no service on the ground my last known point in flight is available. I also carry a KTI PLB in my pocket. I regularly fly in remote and isolated locations. I always have 3l of water per person and muesli bars just in case.
  4. My mag turned up today, I like it. I think it will appeal to a broader range of people but as I mentioned in a previous post if I want to get see more about the flying I am interested then I need to contribute. I also need to encourage people who like to fly to get some photos of what they do most weekends and put it forward with a story. We read about all sorts of adventures on this site and glimpses on Facebook target interest sites as well. I use to love the old mags and would scour through them repeatedly before the next one turned up. In the earlier days though the internet was not what
  5. Yep, from the website " All parts are also retro fit for the earlier generation Jabiru engines with little or no modification. " Will be a big help for many, not sure about pricing but hopefully volume will allow that to take care of itself.
  6. This may be old news but great news for me. Camit Aero Engines UK established 2019. Camit aero engines | Aero engine overhaul | Camit and Jabiru Spares | Camit aero engine spares manufacture
  7. The AUF is long gone. Growth of RAA is catering to a widening variety of recreational aircraft which is is demonstrated by the push for heavier aircraft and GA pilots converting. One of my biggest concerns is having the organisation being administered by people who get paid to fly and have a lack of understanding of what is involved with paying for every hour flown through hiring or ownership. I note there are also musings amongst some to look beyond CTA to IFR permissions for recreational aircraft, with the technology and systems available this is probably on the cards in the future as we
  8. Had a great weekend flying 3 axis and gyro out around the Far West of NSW. The picture below looking towards the Barrrier ranges looking East. Here is the Mundi Mundi plains looking west. Pics taken from my single seat Gyro. Still pretty dry out this way.
  9. Who has watched the meet the candidates videos being published by RAA. What are your thoughts.
  10. I just read your post to my wife and kids who laughed. I am guilty as well, I involve them in most aviation activities as much as possible. Recreational pilots, from my experience, are notoriously passionate which some may describe as obsessive. My eldest of 3 boys is 14 and has started studying PPL theory, heading towards commencing flight training towards the end of the year. His two younger brothers are keen as well, all have been co-piloting since they were out of nappies. My wife is surrounded.
  11. Hi Bill PM received and has been forwarded, he will point you in the right direction. Happy to help, I regularly seek advice from the collective knowledge of this group. Lucky to have it!
  12. This is what my mate has done, woks well, If you put the mouse pointer on my name Waraton click start conversation and flick me a phone number so the owner of the aircraft can call you. I gave him a heads up and he is happy to share his experience which he described as "basically simple". This machine never sees bitumen and operates of some rough dirt strips.
  13. I know a bloke...I will talk to him tomorrow. PM me your contact number Bill.
  14. Id like to run a handheld icom A15 VHF and GME 3100 UHF in an single seat open frame machine. Ideally monitor both radios while switching to transmit on one or the other. Are there any "plug and play" devices which work well? If you run a system which does this how did you set it up?
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