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  1. Gawler in SA and Daves flying school the Oaks about the cheapest per hour I have seen at under $200 per hour for instruction. All depends on your schedule travel etc. Went through the exercise this year with my young bloke and due to the 900km round trip for us we stayed for 7 days at a time on 4 occasions and he flew weather permitting. The older you are the harder it is to learn so that intensity of every day can be tiresome and not end up saving money. I think finding the a school/instructor which suits you is the best value because you will learn faster and enjoyment is key.
  2. Wait for some details which seem lacking at the moment. Government announcements with an election looming.
  3. Ian hi, Warwick here just looking for some local advice getting from yass to cooma raa aircraft, specifically are there any tricks with the western vfr transit lane or is it straight forward. 

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    2. Ian


      Should have been

      call to CB APP approach 125.9 at COTR or THW

    3. waraton


      Thanks Ian, appreciate your advice. Warwick

    4. Ian


      Did you see the link to the Sydney General Flying Guide?

  4. My 15yo son volunteered to help in the search for a man who was lost South of Tibooburra. He logged 6 hours flight time, It was unpleasant in the air, at 35c on the ground it must have been horrendous for the missing man who was found safe around midday. Pretty unforgiving country to be lost on foot in. Photos taken enroute to the search area.
  5. What are the consequences of not having one as a recreational pilot accessing these airfields? I have never heard of anyone being carted off or fined, heard stories about a few verbal's with council staff and that's about it.
  6. Thanks Garfly, the vid and background you presented is excellent. Very informative, your effort is appreciated!
  7. John Cleary is a highly respected, dedicated and intelligent individual who has driven the effort to have some transparency throughout the planning and approval process of this project. I take John's word as truth that the approval process was corrupted and he provides some significant insight into this in the video. He doesn't think it is final and that is why he has been doing what he can to get as much support via the petition to do so. I have signed the petition and passed the link on, it can't hurt if others do the same.
  8. I have copied and pasted an email from John Cleary from the Illawarra Flyers Group Wollongong NSW which relates to a gas stack in the circuit at Wollongong. He is keen to distribute this information far and wide especially throughout NSW. Here it is... Dear All, If you are willing and able to forward this email to family and friends to support this petition, the following has all the relevant information so people can make an informed decision. Our ePetition is now open for 1 week for signatures. Anybody in NSW with an email address can sign this petition. Y
  9. https://www.raa.asn.au/nationalsafetymonth/virtual-conference-agenda/ Just a reminder that tomorrow, Sat 30th October 2021, RAAus are hosting several professional development sessions online targeting pilots. Sunday targets aircraft. I imagine there is a lot of behind the scenes work gone into putting it all together so thanks to those who have contributed.
  10. Overflying Packsaddle Roadhouse (far west NSW) this morning...it's still as dry as a you know what.
  11. Time Left: 1 day and 1 hour

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    Any unwanted/surplus 2nd hand Jabiru 2200 supplied props sitting in the hanger unused or in good nick with history for a 24 reg aircraft?


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