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  1. Hi Guys, I was just wondering about my Austflight Drifter with 582 engine 1989 Model which is due for registration next month. I would like to ask those of you who recently re-registered for the year 2013-'14 what is required to submit in as far as "MTOW Documentation" is concerned to comply with CASA. When I bought this Drifter all that was given to me at the time was the Receipt and the "Drifter A-532-582 Owners Manual" which shows the MTOW and Centre of Gravity for the Wire-Braced 582 Drifters series from 1988 to 1993, but a specific piece of Document which shows this information for my Drifter aircraft was never given to me. My question now, if this particular "MTOW Documentation" was not supplied by the manufacturer, what did those of you who recently re-registered for the year 2013-'14 have to do to get your aircraft registered with RA-Aus to comply with CASA. Depending on who I speak with at the RA-Aus office, each time I seem to get a different answer. Your reply and feedback would be very much appriciated. Thank you.
  2. I am happy to have just landed and would like to particpate in the forums about aviation, aircraft and flying.
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