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  1. great video question ? what sort of camera did you use ?
  2. hello , I thought i was dreaming the other day, I saw a very simmilar shape plane over melbourne a couple of days ago , but i couldn't see any company markings on it , what a great looking aircraft runt
  3. hello all I has anyone else seen this website http://www.pemet.com.au/ It gives you plain english conversion for weather , I found the link some where ? ( can't rember where but I like it ..thanks to who ever it was ) happy flying .
  4. hi , have a look a t the sports aircraft asosiation aus web site SAAA - We are the Builders of AUSTRALIAN EXPERIMENTAL AIRCRAFT it's got info about building , I beleive you can build anything , and use any engine you want under the experimental badge , if registered under "casa experimental " but it also means you need a ppl . I 'm thinking about an rv9 or a mustang2 or a bd4 or a zenith 640 , you get the idea , something in ally , somthing faily quick , but may be over the raa limit so I would be forced to register under casa experimental , because of the weight limit ,oh and there i
  5. how many horsies will you get ?, and will you change the prop? and to what?
  6. looks like fun , never mind the 500 ft rule
  7. :black_eye: hello all I just read about the ALL airfeilds that use GAAP procedures will become class D airspace and as such CAN'T BE USED BY RAUS aircraft , unless you hold a ppl that is . I guess that also means no ra us training as well , looks like it's going to restrick our movment a bit too as well have to go around it .thumb_down poor old raus cops it in the neck again..please if i've got this wrong let me know.
  8. runt hi , just my 2 cents worth , you don't need a henrob , or what ever there called this week , you just need to know HOW to weld , practice , practice , practice , ANY oxy set is ok , but you have to know how to set it up , and use it , however if you think that you would prefer a (lighter in weight ) torch to hold , have a look at the tin mans little oxy, (http://www.tinmantech.com) that he sells for a fraction of the price of the henrob , I,m and old man now ,I was taught to weld in 1975 , still at it , and have picked up a few D.L.I . cert along the way , for stick , mig &
  9. hello blueshed , I was wondering about your aircraft list , you have a bd4 listed , I am hopeing you could tell me a bit a bout it ? please , In a couple of years from now, I hope to build a plane and It is on my short list , with a couple of other types . thanks ross.
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